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Don’t Ignore SEO

Boss or decision maker getting in the way of your ideas? Saying “no” before you can even pitch? We’ve been there.

We know just how quick leadership can shoot down digital marketing services like SEO – and it’s mainly down to three reasons:

  1. They’ve tried and tested it before and ultimately wasted their money
  2. They don’t believe in it or see the value
  3. Now is just not the right time, or the marketing budget is being spent elsewhere, like on adverts

Read ROAR Digitals witty “Convincing your boss that SEO is the way forward.”

Showing SEO to have better value

  • Ads are great – but what happens when they’re turned off? Nothing.
  • Advertising is short-term, and SEO is long-term (it can’t be switched off).
  • When devising marketing strategies, we always consider the bigger picture. And if you’re in marketing like us, you’ll know that an effective strategy covers all bases.

Advertising is quick and exciting. Decision-makers can trust it because they see the results and conversion numbers (it’s easy to quantify). And once you’ve made a sale, who cares, right? But as digital experts, we know this is not feasible for your business’s sustainability and future.

Advertising can get expensive fast; not only do you have to pay to run the ad, but as competition heats up, you have to bid and compete to be seen, then you have to hope you’re advert is clicked, then again hoping your customer converts through the website.

This sounds like a costly approach to customer acquisition and would ultimately drive your acquisition cost through the roof (not great long-term).

Find a digital marketing company like ours, with a specialised focus on SEO and long-term strategies that drive the right traffic to your site and convert customers in the process too.

Remember that everything takes time.

Marketing is a life-long commitment, but you won’t notice the cost when done correctly.

Take our clients, for example, who have been with us for years and years – each month, they assign around £2,500 to their website marketing budget and never groan about it.

Now, these aren’t monster corporations like Coca-Cola; they’re small, local businesses that, with our help, turn over millions yearly.

But you’ve got to start somewhere. Usually, when we inherit websites, there’s a lot of work to be undone before we can get to the good stuff. The bigger your budget, the faster we can work.

Getting your ranking locally will be the first milestone, which can happen quickly as we add hundreds of new pages to your website. Whilst this drives local conversions, we then focus on getting Google to recognise your website for the more complex, highly trafficked keywords. See Katie’s definition.

What’s important is that you’re selling during this period – we know that if the website is making money, we continue to make money.

And that’s the difference between choosing an SEO company that promises to do “blogs” and “optimisation” and Vanilla Circus, which promises relevant traffic and conversions.

VC SEO offer

What they spent before wasn’t the right amount.

If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely dabbled with SEO. You’ve given it a go, forked out a few thousand, and saw little payoff. Your website might have acquired a bit of traffic during this time, but no one bought.

To convince your leader about the benefits of SEO, it all needs to begin with education and understanding, which is challenging when the industry has earned itself a bad name. There’s one rule of thumb you should be aware of with SEO, the more you pay, the better it will be.

Paying £500-£900 per month will most likely deliver poor results, dodgy backlinks, and non-rankable content.

We cannot tell you how many times we’ve seen this.

Usually, when we take over sites with tonnes of traffic, it’s associated with keywords like “how to brush your teeth”, which initially might sound great to a dentist, but what’s it worth? There is no sales value.

Instead, you need a strategic marketing company like Vanilla Circus, which only focuses on where the money is, not necessarily where the traffic is – and that’s precisely why we’re able to pick up clients worth £24,000 online rather than £0.

If it’s about money, try it for free

There are so many active myths about SEO, and the only way to discover how reliable and great it can be for your business is to work with a marketing company that actually delivers.

With our SEO packages costing from £1,400 – we know it’s a big ask to get you to sign on the dotted line and ask you to trust us straight away.

So, why not get your first month free, with no contract, sign up or any hidden fee or obligation?

That way, we can show you the value of the results. Get £1,000 worth of free SEO today (choose between new content, links, offers, and more to get started).

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