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The biggest mistake about studying the marketing efforts of your competition is to assume that they know what they are doing.

Mystery Shoppers

Learning From The Competition

Why read this page? This page shows that ongoing competitor research is a must for Google ranking success.

Do no reinvent wheel

Whichever website ranks #1 for your dental keywords tells you exactly what is required  in terms of content, images, video and backlinks in order to rank above them.



You know your main competitors, but do you know the ones that rank on Google?

It usually is obscure dental companies that can dominate #1.

Interestingly, the oldest, largest or simply the best dentists are often on the first page but rarely ranked #1.

This is often because they feel they don’t ‘need’ SEO as they are a market leader. In reality, they are losing market position and helping to grow someone else’s business.

What can be gained from studying the competition?

  1. Simple comparison; algorithms are computer-based logic. If the website ranking #1 has 100 treatment pages and you have 50 pages, then there is your first basic answer.
  2. Results can be used as a benchmark your current traffic and ranking performance
  3. Reveal any content gaps where your competitors are gaining traffic that you are missing. This provides insight into how to increase your share of ‘voice’.
  4. Backlinks: backlinks are a less simplistic metric than, say amounts of pages or blogs. Clients often cite that they have more backlinks than the #1 website. Studying the competition’s backlink profiles does give are opportunities for backlinks.
  5. Words and language: Google retains every copy it makes of your website. It has a copy of every website it indexes. It is an expert at knowing what words and word combinations (sentences) it would expect to see on a cosmetic dental website that has good patient retention.

    Often content is not written by experts so the content may lack certain words and phrases that result in Google ranking a site lower. We solve this problem by studying the words used by the dentist ranking #1 for a keyword and ensuring that we use all of them in our content. 

    There are also trust words. What words would an established, well-run business use? Are they in your content?

Vanilla Circus is experienced in comparing websites and then writing and executing a plan to catch up and surpass the competition. Organic search marketing is slow, we work at Google's pace, it can take 6-12 months.

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