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Quick guide to dental SEO

One of the best ways to think about SEO is that it is another string to your marketing bow. Here’s how to harness dental SEO effectively.

We work with over 44 dentists and have done since 2007

We work with several top cosmetic dentists who are well-known within the industry.

Successful dental SEO is about making a case for Google to rank your website ahead of the competition.

What to read


You may have read about a whole load of black hat SEO technical tricks and wizardry that will magically make you appear #1 on Google and allow you to retire as a multimillionaire in a very short period of a few weeks. Every SEO expert knows exactly how to take your website to number one.

They only need between hundred and £40 and £5000 a month. 

  1. Focus on the User

The first tip is straightforward. Go to your website and pretend to be a patient. Every patient you have seen, apart from children, will most likely have a dentist. See advice on dental web conversion.

They have either recently moved home or are shopping around for a second opinion, a cheaper price or a better service.

Perhaps their current dentist is a general dentist, an NHS dentist, or a closed NHS dentist; either way, they will search Google for a new dental practice.

When they land on your website, how easy and compelling are both the design and the content? It is best to ask those friends and family whose honesty can be relied upon.

Guildford’s website ranks number 12 or three if I search for an example cosmetic dentist. The dental practice above you does the website look better than yours? See how to market Invisalign successfully.

I want you to do all of this because modern-day SEO dentistry, according to Google’s optimisation, i.e. making sure that your website is in the best condition to be found by Google, is all about catering for the user.

By focusing on the user and the user journey, you inadvertently begin to optimise your website. This is, in essence, the heart of professional SEO services.

You may have read about meta tags and meta titles, and you may have read about keywords and keyword stuffing. But these are just parts of code and parts of a strategy to rank highly for a keyword.

Any dentist who knows about dental treatments will be able to write content that uses the correct language, which Google can identify. Google after all, has a copy of every single dental website that has ever been on the Internet.

2. Stop having people who know nothing about dentistry write your content

A shocking part of any health-related digital marketing is the acceptance of employing content writers who know absolutely nothing about their subject or all the clients they are writing for. 

There is no correlation between using blog posts, for example, to support longtail keywords.

Want to add some CTAs that resonate with your patients? See our 400 dental marketing slogans. You can choose more than one!

If you are looking for the best dental SEO company in the UK, then Vanilla Circus might be worth considering.

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