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Structuring the perfectly optimised website has taken Vanilla Circus over 14 years to perfect. It is one of the most misunderstood and rarely used Google ranking factors. Why? Because it takes expertise and confidence.

Website architecture analysis

Website Architecture

What's here to read

Why read this page? This page is to convince you that site architecture and URL structure is paramount to SEO.

Who is this for? Probably the SEOer who wants to learn more about the true merits of site architecture.

Types of website architecture


Google engineers are logical. The code scripts and algorithms. These need to have impeccable logic, or they will not work.

The same is true for a website’s architecture.

A site’s architecture is simply what page goes where and links to which hub page. An ideal structure tells users and search engines exactly how to navigate a site and what they can expect to find where.


Optimised site structure



Google’s algorithmic updates over the years are always based on stopping amateurs from ranking their websites highly with poor content.

One way to separate the men from the boys is to look at how the website is structured.

We know from over 13 years of research that Google scores site architecture that is up to 5 levels deep. 

Any more, and you risk not having pages indexed, any less, and you do not get all of the additional scoring on offer.


Speak to VC

The is much talk about SEO-friendly URLs but not much talk about architecture. We think that it is because it seems complex and unmanageable.

We have found that a correctly structured website is 10 times more likely to rank #1 in Google for competitive keywords.

Not only is Google better to understand the website we can also link internally to the correct categories and sub-categories.

This is perhaps why you only have your home page ranking for your keywords, even though you might have created a particular page.

It sounds complicated, but it is actually straightforward and logical. We have structured hundreds of websites, including large blue-chip companies.

The results we can show you speak for themselves.

Contact VC about optimising your site.

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