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With the price of cosmetic dental treatments rising, there is a real change in how patients make decisions concerning higher ticket-priced treatments and what dental keywords they use in their search for the right dentist. 

Keyword Choice

Dentists: how to find the right keywords?

Below is a table of the most popular dental keywords used by new patients all looking for the reassurance that XYZ treatment is right for them and they are getting value for money. 

Below are some of the types of questions you would need to answer on your dental practice website if you want to get more bums on seats and attract the RIGHT patients with the right buying power.

  • Keyword choice is important to streamline your SEO and gain the maximum amount of buying traffic for your budget.

If you are interested in a dental marketing company that has written dental content for more than 8 years and is an expert on not only informing potential patients but also persuading them that your practice is the perfect practice for this type of treatment, then give Libby Smith a call on 020 8405 6418.

After chatting with Libby, you will find out things that even you did not know.

Popular Dental Keywords 2024

Invisalign Keywords

1how much is Invisalign164500
2how much does Invisalign cost112700
3how much is Invisalign UK52400
4what is Invisalign422100
5how long does Invisalign take121300
6how much does Invisalign cost the UK61200
7how does Invisalign work31900
8how much is Invisalign0700
9how much is Invisalign17450
10how much is Invisalign10450
11how much does Invisalign cost the UK5450
12how to clean Invisalign8450
13what is Invisalign refinement1400
14how much did you pay for Invisalign UK3400
15what are Invisalign refinements0400
16what does Invisalign look like13350
17what can you drink with Invisalign7350
18what does Invisalign look like12300
19how long Invisalign10300
20how much does Invisalign cost6300
21what does Invisalign do46300
22how long for Invisalign8300
23how long is Invisalign10300
24how much is Invisalign UK6300
25what can you eat with Invisalign5300
26how to use Invisalign cleaning crystals8250
27Invisalign how long0250
28how to clean Invisalign retainers10250
29Invisalign how to clean8250
30how to use cleaning crystals for Invisalign8250
31how to clean the Invisalign retainer10250
32how much is Invisalign monthly9250
33how much is Invisalign a month7250
34what is Invisalign treatment43250
35how to clean an Invisalign retainer10250
36how much for Invisalign braces11200
37how much cost Invisalign16200
38how much are Invisalign braces9200
39how much Invisalign cost6200
40Invisalign what it is45200
41how much does Invisalign cost5200
42how much are Invisalign braces6200
43how much is Invisalign cost10200
44how much is an Invisalign9150
45what is Invisalign45150
46how does Invisalign move teeth4150
47how expensive is Invisalign16150
48how do teeth move with Invisalign5150
49how expensive is Invisalign20150
50what can I drink with Invisalign7150
51what can Invisalign not fix6150
52how does Invisalign move teeth4150
53how long does Invisalign take12100
54Invisalign how long it take12100
55how long does it take Invisalign to work10100
56how to get Invisalign44100
57how long does it take for Invisalign to work12100
58how to remove Invisalign3100
59how long does Invisalign hurt6100
60how long do you have to wear Invisalign10100
61what are Invisalign braces47100
62what are Invisalign braces46100
63what is Invisalign lite0100
64how much is Invisalign UK a month5100
65how long does Invisalign hurt6100
66how long does Invisalign take to work6100
67how long does Invisalign take to work6100
68how long Invisalign treatment9100
69how long do you wear Invisalign10100
70how long is Invisalign treatment10100
71how does Invisalign work30100
72how Invisalign works26100
73how much for Invisalign10100

Dental Implant Keywords

1How to get free dental implants uk124400
2How much are dental implants161400
3How much do dental implants cost uk01000
4How much are dental implants uk14900
5How long do dental implants last0800
6How much do dental implants cost11700
7What are dental implants68600
8How painful are dental implants0450
9How much is full set of dental implants11350
10How much full set dental implants11350
11How much for full set of dental implants7350
12How much are a full set of dental implants11350
13How much is a full set of dental implants11350
14How much are full set of dental implants8350
15How much for a full set of dental implants11350
16How much for full dental implants11200
17How much to dental implants cost10200
18How much is the cost of dental implants11200
19How much is dental implants12200
20How much is dental implants cost12200
21How does dental implants work33200
22How much full dental implants8200
23How much dental implants cost10200
24How much is full dental implants11200
25How much for dental implants12200
26How do dental implants work0200
27How much are dental implants cost12200
28How much are full dental implants12200
29What is cost of dental implants14150
30How much for dental implants uk14150
31Which dental insurance covers implants0150
32How much is a full set of dental implants uk14150
33Why are dental implants so expensive1150
34What is the cost of dental implants12150
35What is the cost for dental implants14150
36What are dental implants cost11150
37How long do dental implants take7150
38How much do dental implants cost11150
39How much does it cost for dental implants16100
40How much does it cost dental implants12100
41How to get free dental implants on NHS6100
42How are dental implants done67100
43How long do dental implants last UK0100
44Who does dental implants near me6100
45How much do all on 4 dental implants cost UK6100
46What do dental implants look like15100

Cosmetic Dentist Keywords

1cosmetic dentist near me151400
2cosmetic dentist221100
3Liverpool cosmetic dentist47500
4cosmetic dentist Liverpool47500
5cosmetic dentist manchester39450
6best cosmetic dentist near me12450
7cosmetic dentist Newcastle5400
8best cosmetic dentist in London36350
9cosmetic dentist Glasgow west end21300
10Birmingham cosmetic dentist0300
11cosmetic dentist London45300
12cosmetic dentist Birmingham0250
13bristol cosmetic dentist0250
14cosmetic dentist Leeds26250
15dentist cosmetic surgery35250
16cosmetic dentist hull2250
17best cosmetic dentist in London36250
18Edinburgh cosmetic dentist26250
19cosmetic dentist Edinburgh26250
20cosmetic dentist UK24250
21cosmetic dentist Glasgow38200
22cosmetic dentist Cardiff15200
23cosmetic dentist Sheffield9200
24cosmetic dentist in turkey35200
25Harley street cosmetic dentist30150
26cosmetic dentist Nottingham12150
27best cosmetic dentist UK25150
28cosmetic dentist in Glasgow38150
29cosmetic dentist Coventry20150
30cosmetic dentist Preston15150
31best cosmetic dentist in UK24150
32cosmetic dentist turkey25150
33cosmetic dentist Wirral7150
34Glasgow cosmetic dentist42150
35cosmetic dentist Norwich24150
36top rated cosmetic dentist near me20150
37cosmetic dentist Glasgow southside20150
38cosmetic dentist Richmond14100
39cosmetic dentist truro3100
40dentist cosmetic bonding0100
41cosmetic dentist Stockport0100
42best cosmetic dentist in manchester36100
43cosmetic dentist Milton Keynes14100
44cosmetic dentist Leicester14100
45dentist cosmetic prices100
46cosmetic dentist Harley street31100
47cosmetic dentist Aberdeen10100
48cosmetic dentist Southampton0100
49best cosmetic dentist5100
50cosmetic dentist prices100
51what is a cosmetic dentist42100
52cosmetic dentist Chester18100
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