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The day starts at 8 am and is the first Monday of the month.

We get together all five of us, go through each client, and work out the next steps for this month’s campaign.

Every client has a SEO strategy document that aligns and provides foundation to their business marketing goals and targets. This in part explains how SEO is intrinsic to all digital marketing stratgegies. Read more about the importance of SEO.

This includes an overall SEO plan and a content plan that lists all content that needs to be done at a top-level, i.e., products or services. It also contains blog-level content that looks to fill the gaps for more questions, like keywords or longer tail keywords.

The meeting takes all day. What we are always concentrating on is alternative ways to write a different narrative for client’s products and services.

Websites are by nature repetitive, and people’s use of keywords and key phrases is very varied. We are looking at presenting a webpage for every different use and variation of key phrases. This way, we maximise a client’s exposure to all organic search traffic available.

Other SEO like CC Digital will tell you that duplicate content is wrong and somehow bad but websites are not books, user don’t start on page one and keep turning the pages until the end. They can land on any page on your website, so webpages need to be hammering home the most important USPs or brand messages.

Speak to not atBrainstorming

When we consider other ways of selling a client’s products or services, we put ourselves in the target audience’s position.

What are they looking for? What do they want, who are they, and what are they using the service or product for? Are there emotions that we can look to trigger to facilitate a sale? What are the barriers to sale?

What does a new customer need to hear before pressing the buy button?

These meetings on all full of fun, and all ideas are relevant.

The better ones are presented to clients. We understand that some ideas are not workable, but as we’ve been doing this for over 13 years, we find that more and more of our ideas are embraced. We are thick-skinned, and we are happy with rejection and constructive criticism.

Advanced optimisation is delivering not only semantic search variations but also getting into the heads of Google’s users and interpreting what they may search for to reach a client’s products and creating content that delivers on RankBrain’s interpretations.

2022 Semantic search is now coupled with RankBrain’s AI capacity to associate search terms and phrases more accurately so that users are provided with the information they actually want.

Semantic search is the search for meaning.

It is a broader contextual understanding of a user’s search.

At first, this was the use of synonyms and related words that would often be seen together; just really an extension of the use of language to broaden Google’s interpretation of a key phrase search.

However, as RankBrain becomes more advanced, this is broadening out away from language and into alternative meaning learned through AI machine learning (spying on) as a user searches and the websites that they then choose (or not).

When you find alternative ways to explain and sell a client’s products, we are inadvertently playing into the hands of RankBrain’s artificial intelligence.

It, too is trying to decipher and deliver relevant results with a superior look at different ways of understanding its customers, i.e. people who search on Google.

So not only is it fun to come up with new ways of selling but it is also rewarded with additional traffic and rankings from Google.

Another advantage is that it purchases above the competition and allows our clients to gain additional customers and revenue.

Interesting, during lockdown brainstorming is over Zoom did not work as well. It was as if we needed to be together as a collective to be completely creative.

The results of our brainstorming and our creative output are listed on clients’ worksheets as the next steps. Strategy documents and content plans are updated and presented to clients for discussion.

The next stage is implementing all of the improvements and changes we discussed.

Part of brainstorming is a presentation of what we decided last month and the results this generated.

All of our meetings are designed not only to keep clients in the loop with what with thinking and suggesting but also to maintain that the overall SEO work does not fall into some aimless Google page ranking position hunting.

Our primary focus is to support our clients’ new business development and brand promotion.

If you would like to hear more about what we can do for your website online, please telephone, and I would be delighted to chat. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here or by telephone.

New clients are a priority, so someone can always make time to speak whatever time you call. 01483 921741 

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