No jargon, no-nonsense, just tell me how I know it is working

This is what will happen.

First Month

  1. Regular emails will arrive asking you to confirm new content strategies and content plans (You agree!)
  2. Competitor, industry and keyword research is sent to you to keep you in the loop
  3. More emails arrive showing you new live content for you to proof. If you are too busy we go ahead and publish
  4. New ideas are emailed to you for discussion should you merit the concepts
  5. Marketing or practice managers are emailed for any updates
  6. Test emails arrive from all contact forms to ensure they are working
  7. SERPs arrive in your inbox. These are examples where the site ranks in Google for all of your keywords. You might notice other keywords and phrases you had not thought off
  8. Changes are made to the website that improves user experience
  9. Annoying old web errors are fixed

Second Month

  1. New communications methods, LiveChat, Whatsapp etc make a difference
  2. The site can now be found on Google (admittedly perhaps page 2)
  3. Traffic increases marginally
  4. Sales team/reception report a slight increase in leads/calls/sales
  5. Website is noticeable better and pages/products are easier to navigate to

Month 3

  1. Content plans are expanded and new customers are now better informed
  2. New backlinks and other external ranking signals begin to impact
  3. All new content has been indexed by Google
  4. The site moves onto the first page for a number of keywords
  5. Sale team get busier and begin to start recommending the website
  6. Business owners start taking an interest in the site
  7. New leads and sales begin to arrive from customers and sources the business had not contacted or heard of before
  8. Company start wanting to attend monthly Zoom meetings and make new suggestions of their own

The website is making the company money and is a point of pride.

Example SERPs.

Thinking about choosing VC, we know you’ll have questions

Answers to all your questions

Page Updated: May 13, 2022

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