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Why read this page? It helps explain what a VC consultant can do for your business.
Who is this for? Marketing Directors who need some organic search expertise for their team.

Trustworthy help and advice when needed

In the last 14 years, we have been tasked with consulting on all manner of tasks by businesses. These companies tend to be larger and already have a marketing department. All our work is undertaken in a professional manner showing that we care about the outcome of our work.

Our consultancy services are available on a freelance or contracted basis, long or short term.

Clients we have consulted for include eBay, Phillips, Capital Radio and a host of SMEs.

Tasks include:

  • Create, plan and present SEO strategy
  • Research more effectively keywords and keyphrases and are generating revenue.
  • Expert reporting and analysing results and looking at data to maximise conversion and minimise lost traffic.
  • Working with content  teams, planning and creating content plans
  • Ensuring that all pages and blogs are optimised, well presented and free from error.
  • Ensure we are working in an optimal WordPress or e-commerce environment for Google to rank our content; this includes site structure, scripts, databases etc.
  • Clients trusting our knowledge and combined 50 years of experience, often ask us to discover answers to technical or Google questions. For example, here, we have to find why a site might be experiencing a drop in Google rankings and come up with a solution on how to fix the problem.
  • We report and analyse results and look at data to maximise conversion and minimise lost traffic.
  • Comment and discover off-page metrics, backlinks and reputation issues
  • Compare competitors and work out how they are outranking the other sites.
  • How to stop SEO mistakes and reduce elements that are not effective with tips for better quality control.
  • Solve Google local issues with keyword + location and Google My Business

Our role is always to champion SEO.

We ensure that SEO and findability are at the forefront of everyone in the team who is adding content to the website.

Since 2009, VC has worked for several companies as a consultant. Here we are often charged with SEO strategy and content planning

An SEO Strategy is less about SEO action steps (keywords, content, backlinks) and more about what and how you want SEO to fit into your business’s goals

A number of our clients benefit hugely from having access to a specialist to ensure long-term success within Google

Examples of where a consultant can help

  1. Keyword choice and planning
  2. Website content strategy and alignment
  3. UX/UI optimisation, improve CRO.
  4. The correct use of mark up code, testing and fixing technical errors
  5. Image optimisation and compression
  6. Successful outreach and backlinks
  7. Improve mobile optimisation and core web metrics performance.
  8. Working with web designers and developers with a focus on SEO
  9. Working with sales teams to ensure lead generation from the websites is successful
  10. Working with your brand manager to ensure site voice, tone and imagery is on-brand
  11. Work with teams of content writers to create better content that is audience/search defined
  12. Expertly analyses GA data and use it for forward planning.
  13. Consult with the team and gain honest feedback on what is working and what is not.

Questions to ask your new SEO consultant

  • Can you trust them? Do they come with references to show expertise from other London businesses?
  • What is their approach to both creative SEO and technical SEO improvements, can they prove their trustworthiness?
  • How do they use effective outreach strategies to secure strong backlinks?
  • In terms of backlinks, what authority do they rate for discovering the correct sites to reach out to?
  • How many years of experience do they have as a search freelancer/consultant?
  • What is their approach/understanding to website optimisation, what do they see as an SEO priority?
  • What are their main consultancy strengths and weaknesses?
  • What analysis tools and KPIs do they recognise and use to gauge organic search success?
  • How do they report, if so, when and how often and on what?
  • Can they formulate the complete SEO strategy to support both on-page and off-page?
  • Are they freelance, or can they be contracted to one company
  • Do they have the search ranking results, experience and qualifications to show they are experts?
  • Do they have experience of Core Web metrics/web vitals, and what data/intelligence/software do they use to gauge optimal performance?
  • What are their rates? Are they competitive?
  • As a consultant, what is their approach to SEO?
  • Can they work as a team?
  • Are they familiar with working with webmasters?
  • Do they subscribe to Google search’s best guidelines? If so, which ones?
  • Are they prepared to account/report regularly on all SEO work they do?
  • Do they acknowledge or hold up their hands when they make an error?
  • Are they happy to explain and help guide the client?
  • Are they code or content? Do they know their schema from their sentence?
  • As a consultant, can they prioritise conversion and revenue over SEO niceties?
  • Can they show examples of simple optimisation techniques that anyone can understand?
  • Ask to see website content they have written themselves.
  • Does he/she have experience with local SEO?
  • Do they have experience with Google My Business, Google Analytics and Google Search Console?
  • What websites do they read up on ‘search news’?

Page Updated: May 13, 2022

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