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Why read this page? Explains how VC works as a company.
Who is this for? For business owners who want to change SEO agencies.

How does it work?

Where to start

At Vanilla Circus, we are very flexible. You can pick and choose from our list of services, or you can use our knowledge and experience on a consultant basis. Alternatively, you can use us as your SEO company responsible for all aspects of your online presence Google facing.

Projects can be on a set number of hours or on a monthly contractual basis.

We help businesses of all sizes maximise their online potential by dominating their local, regional and national markets on Google UK.

The choice is yours.

Sometimes clients just ask “how do I know it’s working“. Good question.

We help businesses of all sizes maximise their online potential by helping them dominate their local, regional and national markets.

We are happy to work on new projects in whatever capacity or level of involvement you wish.

How can we help?


Since 2009, VC has worked for several companies as a consultant. Here we are often charged with SEO strategy and content planning. We are also tasked with reporting and analysing results from Google Analytics and suggesting strategic changes and improvements.

Clients include eBay, Phillips, Capital Radio and a host of SMEs.

  • SEO strategy and implementation
  • We report and analyse results data
  • Planning and creating content plans
  • Ensuring that all pages and blogs are optimised, well presented and free from error.
  • Ensure we are working in an optimal environment for Google to rank our content
  • Discovering answers to technical or Google questions.
  • Comment and discover off-page metrics, backlinks and reputation
  • Compare competitors and work out how they are outranking the other sites.

Consultancy fees are £160.00 per hour.


SEO Agency

As a full-service agency offering 360 degrees on and off-page SEO

Tailor a package just for you

Pick and choose: select the service you need the most help with

  1. This can include content creation or backlink building.
  2. Sometimes it is about helping ensure that the best SEO practices are adhered to by a marketing team.


This is where to make a start

Making a start

Client onboarding is a simple task that starts with a discovery phase. Here we learn about our new client, their business and their markets. Everything has to begin with a plan. The SEO we do for you must align with your companies business goals and other marketing campaigns.

The discovery phase is always about keeping in “the company (client) loop”, often speaking with their team and paying attention to detail. It is an imperative part of what we do here at VCM and is hugely beneficial to the SEO work.

We start collating documents that lists the companies strengths, USPs and web presence. More


Reporting is a monthly 30+ page document that lists precisely what work we have done and what results we have achieved. Without it, we could not reference your business’ SEO.

It is the daily work, the list of page changes, code optimisation, new content created, blogs posted and backlinks build.

It works hand in hand with a  client’s content strategy and content plan documents. It is now a screenshot of Google Analytics or a simple Google data studio steal.


Example KPIs

Measuring the result, but better

Deciding on KPIs means VC can set accurate targets and goals. All clients have the option of deciding on which KPIs they want to be included in their monthly reports.


NSPCC | The UK children's charity | NSPCCWords you will not hear at VC are pay-per-click, directories, Paid search, can’t be done or Bing! If you are looking for Free SEO, this is only available for charities. Our current charity of choice is the NSPCC

Page Updated: May 13, 2022

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