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Keyword research is important. The more competitive keywords are normally simple to identify as they inevitably are the shortest and most concise description of your service or product.

But which are the money keywords, the client acquisition keywords.

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Keyword research is Initially a relatively simple process. All businesses know what their products and services are called. However, where the research becomes more interesting is in developing content.

Often the website has a degree of repetitiveness. For example, to rank highly for the keyword cosmetic dentist it would be logical to create content around veneers, implants, braces etc.

It is not always so crystal clear when we break down keywords into their minutiae. Keywords that have low traffic are particularly problematic.

Keyword research is not really about going to Google and looking at the data they supply in terms of advertising PPC cost for a keyword. It is more specific to each client and their industry.

For example, we work for a construction company. The keyword builder one would think would be a no-brainer. However, it turned out that ‘house conversion builder’ was where the money was.

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It all seems very simple and to a degree, it is quite simple. However, it is something that needs to be monitored and documented. When we look at conversion rates websites we also look at keyword conversion rates. Which keywords are resulting in a sale?

In PPC Google gives you a lot of data to help. In organic search, privacy means that Google cannot always show you the keywords people use to get to your website. Here we use other tools and data to provide information on what keywords and phrases are being used.

Latent Semantic Analysis

Latent semantic indexing Analysis is a method of analysing a set of documents in order to discover statistical co-occurrences of words. Basically to find out what a page is really about. It is an example of how Google approaches SEO and semantics.

Keywords and content planning

keywords are a useful way to begin planning content for a website. A simple exercise of adding keywords to SERP engine will show which keywords the website does not rank for. In this instance, it is well worth creating content for missing keyword rankings.

Clients often ask is do we optimise for our core keyword. The answer is always yes. There are many keywords that people can use to purchase your services or your products. You could argue that the longer tail keywords show additional user interest in your products or services that could mean they have closer to their purchasing decision.

We can argue the above to the cows come home. However, the undeniable logic is that if we rank for every keyword we will have enough data to make accurate decisions on which content we should spend more time creating.

SEO Keywords: How to Find Keywords for Your Website

Page Updated: May 13, 2022

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