Stop adding more content and make the most of what is already there

Existing content had a cost to create. Optimising ‘old’ content to gain the maximum return from that initial investment is always a primary task. We have strong evidence that updating old content within existing (or old pages) reflects positively within Google rankings.

Our data suggests that “an older webpage that’s regularly updated may outperform a newer page. This is due to the fact that Google has historical data on the old page.

See how we optimise a site.

Why? Because it is closest to the money, the pages have history, internal links, and possible backlinks and they have been indexed already.

Optimising existing content is the quickest way to gain traffic from Google.

Similar to a content audit optimising existing content provides a really clear direction for your content plan. Having written a content strategy it is easy to begin to see which content is old and out of date and doesn’t present the company how it wants to be viewed in 2022.

Website optimisation is often the term used for this process.

Optimising current content is often a quick win

Optimising current content is often a quick win

Updating & republishing your existing posts with new content and images can increase your organic traffic by as much as 211%.

How we optimise a website

It is a simple process to research appliance keywords, run them through Google and see which pages on the website rank for which keywords. SERPs give an idea of how well optimised the website, and its individual content components are.

Relevant keywords grouped by topic

Often websites rank on page 5 for a number of their keywords. The solution here is to break up the current content into keyword-led pages, optimising for key phrases clusters. Clusters are long-tail versions of a keyword that users may still use with a similar purchasing intent.

It is often amazing how changing the tone and altering the narrative of the clients content cannot only influence where they rank within Google but also improve the website’s conversion rates.

Our advice for all new clients is instead of planning to create more content to look at maximising potential organic search traffic and enquiries from content that has been written before and could be repurposed and reused around the website much more effectively.

Often websites best content can be found within the block section. Here the content is dated, archived and often seen as past. The reality is, with a small bit of updating, this content can pay dividends.

Page Updated: May 13, 2022

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