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Why read this page? Stop you wasting time and money on content that no one reads.
Who is this for? Website owners who want their content to shine and have a healthy ROI.

Words, images and videos 

Front-facing content is all of the words, images and videos a user can see on a web page. It is the narrative, the sales piece, the product description. It is the conversion mechanism that attracts traffic and changes it magically into money.

It works by encouraging, enticing and reasoning. It persuades. Good content removes barriers to a sale and through gentle education convinces you that you have reached your browsing destination. This website has the right products for you.

It is a gentle nudge that says that buying from here is a good move

Everyone knows that better content means better conversion right. Wrong. Often content is given away in blogs and becomes free information. Companies throw away thousands of pounds on content that makes for a poor ROI.

The right content begins with an overview, a strategy, a why and a way. It progresses into a plan of what to write and when. So much content is noise. Content costs money. Knowing what to write is half the battle.

In Google optimisation terms, content is the most crucial factor. 

Why? Because it is the hardest to cheat at and the easiest way for Google to ascertain expertise and knowledge. Google has spent the last 10 years working on the intricacies of the spoken word and its meaning within a website.

For example, all the idioms of the English language have to be programmed into Google’s algorithm. It cannot learn in the same way a child learns.

Audit Your Website Content - Sort & Identify Weak Content

Deliver the most relevant and reliable information available

Content Strategy

Creating a content strategy is a simple process of stepping back and asking how can our content help meet our businesses goals.

One main business objective might be to gain more customers from Google via the website.

We create content strategies in partnership with our clients. More.

Content Plan

A content plan has a content strategy.

The strategy is the how when and why; what is the tone of voice’,’ how much content for product A, or service B’ and how much, what and when.

We create content plans every month for our clients using the content strategy to guide all the work we write. More.

Optimisation and maximising on current content

Few websites need to be completely re-written. They are normally the work of limited internal resources and external agencies that come and go leaving content of various quality behind.

We can identify which of the current content pages and blogs are performing or hindering the website through careful analysis. Often it is a case of broadening existing pages to improve their Google ranking and conversion rate.


Knowing what to create

Find the best keyword opportunities

  • Onsite Google Analytics
  • News/reviews
  • Creative Input
  • Google ranking support
  • Competitor Analysis

Turn topic ideas into converting content

What to write and what not to write is quick straightforward. If the content helps improve traffic and conversions, then it is correct. More.

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Page Updated: May 13, 2022

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