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Help and Advice/SEO & ROI

With inflation through the roof and costs rising, Practice Managers and Principals are wise to monitor and gauge their marketing expenses and analyse which channels are

  • Paying their way and creating profit.
  • Generating the right type of patient to future-proof the practice revenue.
  • Increasing the value of the business.
​Why Is It Important for Dentists to Invest In SEO

Over a period of 3 months, it is advised that every marketing channel’s ROI is certified.

To do this effectively, you need the following metrics.

  1. Number of patients generated through organic search/SEO
  2. Average patient value
  3. Average patient lifespan
  4. Your Agency’s monthly retainer cost

Next Return On Investment.

Can dentists afford not to adopt SEO in their dental marketing?

ROI Equation

Total Revenue ÷ Total Expenses x 100 = ROI

  • The average patient’s immediate spend with the practice is £400.
  • Patients typically remain with the practice for 5 years.

A patient’s lifetime value is 5 x £400 = £2000.

It is common for our SEO campaigns to generate an additional 20+ qualified leads to the practice, with an average of 7 becoming patients.

Total Monthly Revenue from SEO: 7 x £400 = £14000 pm
Lifetime value pm = £14000 x 5 years = £70000.


Our average cost to our dental clients is £2150 per month.

(Total Revenue) £70000 ÷ £2150 (Total Expenses) x 100 = 3256% (ROI)

This means that for every £1 you spend on SEO, you would receive £32.56 in return.

What happens if our SEO does not work

Then that would equate to a loss. The above ROI figures really means that you want to choose your SEO company carefully.

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