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So many websites claim to be the best, the fastest, the cheapest, award-winning, specialist, and of course, different. But who are the experts, the market leaders, the people to buy from?

Google has spent nearly 25 years perfecting that exact answer. They have created the most advanced search engine in the world. Google is constantly evolving. Their AI algorithms are now so complicated they are moving closer to (human) intelligence. 

Advanced SEO Services that are fluid and reactive

Our job is first to understand Google’s current rules and translate those rules into processes that can improve clients’ content, code, and off-page metrics that satisfy Google’s criteria for ranking a site #1.

The second part is to anticipate what improvements Google will make in the future.

Producing the right balance of code, content and backlinks

It is not about fooling Google; the services we offer businesses are about working together to create the best version of the internet that we can, where our clients can be rewarded by a high ranking position within Google, heightened findability.

There are essentially three parts of a website that need assistance to work in harmony so that Google will reward the site with a high ranking position.

Expand your reach and your audience with solid SEO targeted services that have constantly been evolving since 2009. 

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Three Factors That Decide Your Website’s SEO Performance

Front-Facing Content

Good content is about winning customers’ attention and compelling a buying action.

Front content is on-page SEO; it is the story you tell web users about your business. It is the words, the voice, the tone, images and video.

Professional content creation is the essential factor currently within Google’s scoring metrics and the most popular service we offer for improved SEO.

Broadly it is

  • What you sell
  • Why do you sell it
  • Why should I buy from you


Backend Code

Google’s index is one giant computer that reads code and has a set of rules (algorithm) to rank a website.

Computers read code, not just wordsThe code helps Google to understand the written content. In addition, it is another way of validating the website’s claims.

Optimising your code was the original essence of search engine optimisation. It was a set of rules (an algorithm!) that if you followed you would rank top of Google.

There have been many changes within code optimisation. Now it is less a process of correct Metadata and Headings and more a question of mark-up language and JSON.

Code optimisation is more than maintenance; it is the technical employment of a service that works hand in hand with new content. It is a case of optimising WP themes, marking up code and maximising speed and UI.


Off-Page Factors

Google looks for online signals that corroborate the claims you make within your content.

Off-page is about SEO factors like backlinks, reviews, content marketing, social media etc. All of these aspects form signals to Google about a site’s trustability.

The list seems long; however, only parts affect your ranking position in Google.

Backlinks without updated content and UI are unlikely to have much effect. Improving a reputation or being active on social media will not convince Google to rank a poor website.

Backlinks and signals are confirmation of content; they are reliable witnesses to your business’s USP, product offerings and services.

The way to improve a backlink profile is to make small drip feed changes to new/updated pages while encouraging reviews and social media engagement.


One element that fits all three of the above categories is local search. Often mistaken as Google my business, if your customers visit your place of work, then local search optimisation could be an important part of your SEO strategy.


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