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Invisalign Keywords, what are you missing?

How to harness SEO to Orthodontics

When you first contact a new SEO company, they will discuss orthodontic keyword research.

Fail to research correctly, and you risk your content being irrelevant and the same as other dentists!

Fortunately, Vanilla Circus has worked with dentists for over 10 years, so we have an advantage here. We help more dentists sell more Invisalign through no paid organic search than any other UK marketing company. Fact.

 If you want this to work for your clinic, then read on.

The internet is full of advice on how to run your dental marketing. One SEO term you might have come across is "keywords."

What is a keyword? A keyword is a single word or a combination of words, sometimes called keyphrases. Discovering the right keywords lies at the heart of good SEO.

  • Target the right keywords, and you are in the game. You have a chance of gaining new patients and selling more Invisalign.
  • Get the keywords wrong, and you are wasting time and effort and spending money on content that either noone reads or does not convert into new patients.
Whilst you would hope that your SEO team understands which keywords to target and is on the ball, there are several things you can do to check that they are optimising the chances of your Invisalign marketing strategy being successful.

There are many keyword tools that you might be familiar with. Google Keyword Planner is a place to start, Moz. Ahref also offers a paid service. For Google Keyword Planner, you will need a Google account.

Wordstream is free! Here, you can compare your practice with your competitor’s traffic.

It is all about relevance

However, all of these tools either give you an insight into your competitor (don’t assume they know what they are doing) or include out-of-date data.

Remember, Google has not seen 14.5% of all keywords used in any day. So Google has a colossal advantage over any other provider. 

Successful SEO is all about, Trust, Authority, UX and Relevance. Revelance to Google means content relevance.

As Google works on understanding meaning instead of simply identifying words on a page, a website that talks around a subject and includes topical information will appear higher in Google.

This does not mean you should restrict your content to keywords you want to rank for. It is about looking at INVISALIGN (or invisible braces) as a subject and writing around what users are searching for right now.

But which keywords are new, and which keywords are trending?

Which keywords are ‘breaking out? Breakout on Google trends means a sudden and noticeable rise in a search term. This means that it is very popular today.

Note today (not yesterday)

Answering questions and writing blog and treatment content around which keywords are topical and current helps Google rank your website higher in its search index as it is deemed relevant. 

How does this apply to Invisalign and selling braces?
This is what potential new patients are searching for and their questions. The data is today’s data! It is what orthodontic patients are searching for. Keywords might include Invisalign’s competitors, but that only means that this is an ‘unsaid’ that patients might not mention to you. New customer enquiries never say that they are shopping around. It gives you enough data to succeed with your Invisalign marketing.

So, when you are checking your SEO companies’ progress and content planning, mention the below and ask if they might consider including these topics.

Some will be obvious, others not so. Source Google Trends. More on SEO for Orthodontic practices.

invisalign: (12/07/2018 – 12/07/2023, United Kingdom)
invisalign cost100
invisalign teeth83
invisalign uk79
invisalign doctor62
invisalign braces58
invisalign cost uk36
invisalign dentist31
invisalign near me22
invisalign login20
how much is invisalign19
invisalign before after18
before and after invisalign16
invisalign london16
smile direct15
what is invisalign15
invisalign retainer14
invisalign reviews14
invisalign braces cost13
braces cost13
invisalign price13
invisalign doctor login13
smile direct clubBreakout
smile direct club costBreakout
smile direct club reviewsBreakout
invisalign smile viewBreakout
hi smileBreakout
can you vape with invisalignBreakout
composite bonding2150%
invisalign vs smile direct1850%
invisalign doctor site login1050%
smile direct950%
smile direct reviews900%
smile direct club vs invisalign850%
billie eilish invisalign (could ignore this one!)800%
invisalign and composite bonding750%
invisalign doctor login500%
invisalign reddit500%
invisible man400%
invisalign cleaning crystals400%
composite bonding teeth350%
invisalign near me300%
invisalign turkey300%

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