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Trusted by past presidents of the BACD and 44 principals

Since 2007, our SEO strategies have been successful for 44 UK dentists. We specialise in SEO, gaining long-term traffic without the need for PPC. See our Google ranking results.

Generate more revenue

We know how to sell dentistry

Gain the right patients in less time and for less money. Practices we work with hold number-one rankings and first-page positions for:

  • Missing Teeth / Lost Tooth
  • Dental Implant Costs
  • All-on-4, All-on-6, Multiple and Single Implants
  • Porcelain Veneers, Composite Veneers
  • Cost of Veneers / Cost of Invisalign / Invisalign Prices
  • And so many, many more.

Our dental SEO is hugely effective. See our case studies for proof.

Professional Dental Content

The "Write" kind of Patient

Content that sells: we don’t waste time on non-converting traffic. Our innovative approach to keywords means we target users with purchasing intent at the right stage of their journey. See dental content.

Local Dental SEO

Dominate your county

Dominate your local market by ranking number one for keywords like Dentist + Location and Treatment + Location to be the go-to local practice. More.

Minimal input required

Sellable Website Copy

Our medical writers have created over 2,500 pages of dental content and can confidently write engaging copy covering overbites to veneers.

Clear expectations and KPIs

SEO Results

  • We generate 4,500+ pm on average.
  • 50-100 new patient leads pm.
  • Results within 6-12 months.
  • Clear, accurate monthly reporting.
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Is this your practice?

Made a Significant Investment & Need to Guarantee a Return?

  • Are profits not growing despite your hard work or investment?
  • Offer a good service, but new patient numbers aren’t growing month-to-month?
  • Is your website not getting any or only a few enquiries?
  • Tried digital marketing before, but it didn’t work?
  • Great team and good feedback but not translating into treatment sales?

Sound familiar? We can help:

  • Target the local area and beyond to grow patient numbers.
  • Sell more cosmetic treatments like veneers, implants and Invisalign.
  • Create professional website copy that promotes your brand.
  • Drive targeted traffic as opposed to pointless, vanity traffic.
  • Track your online conversions, like phone calls to monitor your SEO campaign’s progress.

Receive a free, detailed website audit that will identify what’s working and what’s not, as well as actionable steps to take your website to number one.

Why VC? Your practice matters to us

Marketing Problems solved

Increase revenue

  • Successful short and long-term strategies to grow revenue.
  • Generate more leads within 30 miles of your practice.
  • Experts in web conversion, including goal and lead tracking. 
  • Supportive of wider marketing by liaising with practice managers on open days and more.
  • Observing how your competitors are performing digitally.
  • Producing high-value leads without the need for Google or Facebook Ads.
  • We offer real exclusivity, only working with one dentist per area. 
SEO StrategyHow will SEO help serve the needs of the business?
AnalysisGoogle Analytics and other conversion metrics, what is the site delivering?
SEO AuditWhat is broken and needs fixing.
Technical SEOWhat is missing and needs adding
Content AuditIndexing what has already been written
Content StrategyCreating a list of what needs writing, when and by whom
Local SEOLocal SEO is often a part of a content plan, especially when a business location is fixed, like a shop or a dental practice
SEO PlanWhat SEOs needs does the website require off page and on page
Backlink PlanHow are we to successfully build new backlinks to support our content
Conversion OptmisationEnsuring that we convert as many website visitors into paying customers
ReportingWhat did we do, what worked and what was the result
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dental website mint
Minimal management by you and maximum reporting by us

Proven-to-work SEO strategies

VC’s strategy offers a more rounded digital marketing service incorporating SEO, content, keyword research, and conversion optimisation.

  1. Technical SEO criteria to ensure a solid foundation.
  2. Compelling and well-planned content for transactional dental search terms.
  3. Exclusive backlink outreach tactics and social media engagement. 

The best patients come from organic search and SEO. Why? Because we have the space and time to explain your brand, empathise with the patient and show them their new smile. Can your advert do all that?

Stop competing on price and sell your brand better. Dental SEO campaign prices start from £2,300 pm. 

The best keywords

Dental SEO keyword research

our website must be FOUND for the right keywords, from hygienist treatments to smile makeovers. An excellent advantage we have as experienced dental marketers is we have already done 10 years of dental keyword research.

This gives us limitless opportunities to drive traffic to your clinic’s website.

Without a digital audience, you have no hope of selling anything. Together, we can harness the power of Google’s organic search traffic.

Vanilla Circus are specialists in dental SEO, with a particular interest in the private dental industry since 2007. As a result, we have access to digital marketing techniques that generate new patients that other agencies have not even thought of.

We also offer enhanced dental website design to convert more organic traffic visits into leads from advanced dental search engine optimisation.
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Results driven approach

Dental content that persuades

Not all patients are ready to buy this minute. Most need more than a single content page to convince them to part with thousands.

  • Building and writing treatment sections that walk you through the cost, procedure, materials, technology and patient reviews.
  • Dental offers, finance deals, banners and messaging to push the user to enquire then and there.

The below example is the increase in enquiry level after working on the user journey and rewriting treatment pages and homepage copy.

Annual TrafficConversion rateEnquiriesRevenue
24,000 1.25%300£50,000
24,000 2.1%504£252,500
• Above example is with a 60% increase in the original conversion rate
• Revenue is the number of enquiries with a 33% patient rate and an average spent of £500.


Dental SEO Guide

“Dental SEO is the process of improving a practice’s website’s ability to be found on Google, to connect with web users and turn those users into paying patients.” More.

SEO can be far more successful than adverts for selling cosmetic dentistry. Vanilla Circus has worked with over 46 dentists in the last 16 years, and we can show you how this can be achieved effectively over time. More.

Being found on the first page of Google, having informative, persuasive content, and excellent reviews are just three ways SEO can deliver trust and brand credibility.

With inflation through the roof and costs rising, Practice Managers and Principals are wise to monitor and gauge their marketing expenses and discover which marketing channels are:

  • Paying their way and creating profit
  • Generating the right type of patient to future-proof the practice revenue.
SEO has one of the very best ROIs. More.

Done correctly SEO, generated traffic converts far better than adverts.

  1. Users are searching for your services. They did not stumble across an ad
  2. They turn up more often as they have read and seen your website, so they have a better chance of buying into your brand and what you stand for.
  3. SEO traffic is free Google Advertising; it cannot be turned off, and there is no cost per click.

Conversion is everything. Currently, Google’s algorithm rewards fast, well-designed websites that are easy to navigate and contain high-quality content that seeks to inform and not just sell.

In the UK dental market, there are approximately 14000 dental practices, of which 4,500 are private. Our sales team has studied and identified that 332 dental practices are actively marketing their websites with SEO. About 7%.

This figure rises to 19%, including practices that have used SEO but have stopped.

You can identify these companies as they always pay for the Private Dentistry Awards. Our services suit NHS dentists looking to expand into the private sector.

Web visitors are converted into NEW LEADS when your website:

  1. Meet an emotional/physical need.
  2. Create a sufficient level of trust.

Recognise what the patient wants.

Meeting a NEED

  • Successfully sell the dream of being more attractive/confident through straighter, whiter teeth through your own practice brand validation, before and after successes and carefully craft dental marketing messages promoting your dentists and the right suppliers.
  • Solve a health issue. Replace a missing tooth, reduce toothache, fix tooth/gum etc. Offer helpful advice. See Google’s advice on helpful content.

People Buy from dentists/practices they trust and can deliver.

  • Clear, emotive content with compelling information on the process, treatment time scales, etc., that answers all prospective patients’ worries and concerns.
  • Multiple ways of contacting the practice, from Enquirybot optimisation to managing Live chat, WhatsApp and multiple forms.
  • Believable before and after images and images of real people at the practice
  • Clear, trustworthy prices and finance and professional service levels.
  • Offers and simple treatment add-ons that offer real value.
  • Believable reviews on Google and other websites
  • Active social media

This is largely why some leads generated from Google and Facebook adverts are so poor. See why SEO is the best strategy.

Whilst the advert meets the physical or emotional need, the brand buy-in is not sufficient to generate the relevant amount of TRUST.  Organic search is about browsing, connecting with, questions, the telling and reading of brand stories.

Vanilla Circus SEO encompasses code, content, backlinks selling, marketing and UX (user experience) optimisation and conversion. 

example of dental content

Let Us Show You Better SEO

From orthodontics and periodontics to dental implants & Invisalign, we can promote your practice successfully on Google.

veronica tribolati
veronica tribolati
Thanks Ben and Libby for your great work and efforts to improve our SEO position and increase our sales, big noticeable difference since we started working with you, we are very grateful and happy to recommend to other companies looking for your services.
Tobiasku France
Tobiasku France
We have been working with Vanilla Circus, Ben, and Libby for a while now with great results so far, our rank on top keywords has improved along with an increase in traffic and qualified leads which is most critical to our business. Always friendly, professional, and responsive. Good content generation and flexible for any requests we have made. Enjoy working with them. Thank you!
Rachel Derby
Rachel Derby
I’ve been working with Ben for a few months now to help create my website, content and start my SEO journey. Ben has been a delight to work with, his work is excellent and he is incredibly knowledgable which he is happy to impart to newbies like me. I find him very trustworthy and reliable and am happy to have found him.
Raj Patel
Raj Patel
Delight to work with. They have a comprehensive strategy and regular meetings to discuss progress. Could not be more happy with the team
Victoria M
Victoria M
We got great results working with Ben at Vanilla Circus - they managed the SEO for three of our healthcare websites, all which saw a very good growth in traffic and conversions over that period. They were also very proactive in setting up Live Chat for us and getting to know our hospital, the treatment involved, how we work and what services we offer so that they could offer valuable strategic website navigation guidance to maximise sales.
Stuart Patterson
Stuart Patterson
Vanilla Circus provide a fully compressive and detailed service , i cannot recommend them enough. Rubbish Clearance Limited.
Rosa Bennings
Rosa Bennings
They are an excellent team at VC espcially Libby. I am leaving my current marketing role but will hopefully convinve my new Head Of to use you guys. Thank you for making my life easy
Emma Norton
Emma Norton
If I could add 6 stars I would. Vanilla's ethos and approach to SEO are totally unique. It was such a relief to speak to a company that puts everything in plain English. After 4 SEO companies in London and in Manchester, we finally feel that we are not being taken for a ride and that we can clearly see things improving month on month. We are now into our 14 month and we are delighted with the results and have no hesitation recommending Ben and his team to anyone (except our competitors) Em
Brenda Roberts
Brenda Roberts
Excellent SEO, what can I say. We have now been working with Vanilla for over 24 months and all I can say is they quietly get on with it. Our traffic is up, are content is much better and our telephone is ringing with new patients making appointments. Ben, Libby and Martha has been amazing!