Traffic is for vanity, conversion is for sanity

All of the traffic VC create is from organic search. By definition, we are going to see high bounce rates that traffic from Google or Facebooks ads. Why? Because people are browsing; they may be bored, they may be looking for a bargain, a new service. How many times have you searched Google for curiosity’s sake? 50.3%: The percentage of all browser-based searches on that resulted in zero clicks.

Organic search builds websites and is more cost-effective in the long run

The upside of organic search is that there is much more traffic from a range of different users, browsers, devices and countries.  On the first page of Google, the first five organic results account for 67.6% of all clicks.

Not everyone on the internet is not your customer

A few methods we use to increase conversion

  1. Provide more incentives
  2. Optimise Website Page Speed On Mobile and Desktop
  3. Determining The Lead Audience
  4. Adding USPs
  5. Viewing pages on Desktop and mobile
  6. Breaking up content into manageable junks
  7. Improving company reputation, reviews, awards etc.
  8. Completing an enquiry
  9. Form optimisation and new methods of contact (LiveChat, Whatsapp etc.)
  10. Add people and team members to pages
  11. Changing the narrative away from about us to what you can do for ME

Don’t guess, test.

All business is a little different, and their customers are a little different. Best practices are a good place to start, but you can’t stop there.

Reasons why your site might not be converting

  1. Your reputation and standing as a business is unclear or can’t be found easily. You have to proving that you’re trustworthy and ‘buyable’ from
  2. You’re focused on design, not goals
  3. You’re guessing, not measuring the right metrics
  4. Your UX (user journey) is wrong, or too long, customers get lost or cross!
  5. Your website does not get to the point quick enough
  6. Your content is poor, perhaps you are talking and not listening
  7. Your message is confusing or not aimed at the right audience, perhaps there is to much jargon or branding
  8. Your images are poor or do not help establish your brand
  9. Your CTA’s are unimaginative or lacking in appeal
  10. Your design is poor and your site is slow
  11. Your site looks great on a desktop but poor on a mobile
  12. You have spelling or grammatical errors

Be clear about your value

If a reader doesn’t trust your content, they won’t believe what you’re saying.

Page Updated: March 21, 2022

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