Just how much do we need to write?

6. Content: Depth of content, how much do we need?

How much content is required keyword or keyphrase group? This is a good question.

The amount of content is dictated by current amount of pages

The amount of content required is dictated by the amount of pages currently displayed on the websites that ranks number 1 to 3 in Google. If they have a 100 pages on average then here is your benchmark.

Google’s algorithm is a computer programme; all computers follow rules which are logical.

So it follows that if website A which is ranked #1 for your keyword has 10 pages on product x, then it follows that if you create 10 pages on product x you should rank number above or together.

There are 200 other SEO factors that need considering, however, it is a useful guide to benchmarking content amounts

In reality, not all content can be created in one sitting.
We need information and feedback from Google. When content is added and interlinked into a website we need to catalogue Google’s reaction to the new content.

Did the website go up in Google’s rankings? Did the traffic increase? Which keywords were affected by this new content? See use of blogs and what to write.

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Optimisation, content positioning and interlinking

All of these questions need to be answered.

Then the content strategy needs to be revised with more content created for the keywords which are not ranking highly in Google, and content which was planned to support particular keyword groups where the website now ranks number one for keywords to be put on hold.
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#SEO page last technically checked and updated on October 20, 2020 by Benedict Sykes

#SEO page last technically checked and updated on October 20, 2020 by Benedict Sykes

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