8. Channels: Social media and backlinking

Content costs money. An average article product page invariably costs anywhere between £120 and £160 with the additional cost of optimising content and backlinking to the page.

The reporting process

There is then a reporting process, the strategy needs to be updated with the new content, with the exact pages listed and sent to the client for final proofing for making live. Then this content needs to be index and the SERPs need to be monitored for keyword position improvements,

Your content is your intellectual property. It is written, designed and optimised to make your company money.

Content for client websites first

All of the content created by Vanilla Circus© starts life off as a webpage on a client’s website. None of our clients appreciate spending money on content to make other people’s websites gain more traffic.

This all costs time and money.

A simple way to maximise on the cost of the content is to create excerpts or summaries of content and use social media to gain additional attention to both the client and content.

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Back to content strategies


What we’re doing here is not simply tweeting that we have created a new page a new section of the website, but coming back to the CTAs is to enhance the clickability and the sales ability of the page we have just created.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Using social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, content or tags can be combined with images. Content can also form the basis of video for YouTube. The list is endless however the B2B buying traffic is on GOOGLE.

Backlinking to content

Apart from social media, linking is the process of backlinking new content as it is received to the website.

The advantages of this are twofold. One is to improve the speed that Google may index the new content, the second is to give validity to the new content. This is a really important process that is normally missed out on most content strategies.

The reason for this is they are not following the correct procedure. Google is very clear that they measure validity in terms of the number of backlinks to a page.

This is further reinforced when the anchor text and the content of the linking page reflect the theme of the content. See link building services.

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