Choosing the right use of language and words

What language and words do we use? We already know trust words and how to write catchy headlines. We look a the websites that are already ranked #1 for the chosen key phrases.

Choosing the right use of language and words

We run simple tools that count the number of words. This simple task can uncover a mine of information that often show why the client’s website does not rank correctly.

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Customer behaviour online

Selecting the right tone and information

Now we then need to speak to our client.

  1. Who is buying your products?
  2. What are their ages, gender and buying patterns
  3. What do they need to know before making a purchase?

Armed with this information we can then develop a plan that looks at the tone and style of writing. We know that we have about 2.7 seconds of a users time before they log out and move on to another website.

We try and get the user into the website as fast as possible by answering the questions that they need before proceeding to purchase.

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