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Vanilla Circus has been an SEO company for over 13 years. We work with some of the largest and smallest companies in the UK.

SEO Case Studies: SMEs

Each new client has its own unique challenges, and it is up to the team at Vanilla Circus to learn as much as a salesman at one of our clients so that we can deliver persuasive content that is both highly ranked and converts

ELC Roofing

“Increase traffic by 500%”

ELC Roofing is a successful roofing company based in Suffolk. The company wanted to expand its local market and branch out into different products.

What an evident circus did for ELC was to build a network of local websites, which meant a large number of new roof repair clients; and then we created websites for particular roofing products by location.

Rubber Roofing

“Increase sales revenue by over 37% in one year.”

Rubber roofing is a company that is owned by Dorking Glass. They run a gender-based e-commerce website that sells rubber roofing products and accessories.

Here we were tasked with e-commerce optimisation of products and URL optimisation in restructuring categories and subcategories.

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