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Our best work

Vanilla Circus has thoroughly enjoyed working with larger media companies and getting glimpses into the world of both outdoor advertising and radio. 

SEO Case Studies: Media

Please feel free to read our Media SEO Case study examples. 

Global Group

Global group is known as the home of radio. It is one of the largest media companies currently in the UK.

“It has been highly successful.”

Initially we were tasked with moving Primesight site and EM content and backlinks over to the new site

After this, we were tasked with generating new organic search traffic for rail and bus advertising and billboards and radio advertising.

This was to be complemented by a new UK audience section which contained geo-targeted local SEO content aimed at cities for each advertising product.

Exterion Media

“We successfully increased the traffic by over 350%”

VC worked with Exterion Media for over five years until they were purchased.

Here our focus was driving more and more organic search traffic to the core products bus and TfL rail advertising.

We successfully created content and sections for each advertising product and ensured that the entire website’s internal linking structure pointed to these products and their associated pages.

This created an unbeatable bus and rail advertising section that ranked #1 on Google for many years