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The Smile Gallery 2023-Current
  • The website received very few enquiries from the website
  • Lack of new patient numbers month-to-month
  • Only ranked for facial aesthetics rather than dental treatments

Organic Search Traffic

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Keywords Ranking

Top 1-20 Google Positions

Content Created

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Putting The Smile Gallery on the map

The Smile Gallery has been open for several years, but this is their first experience with SEO, so there’s a long road ahead of us, but there are plenty of milestones to achieve and celebrate. 

As we’ve only worked for The Smile Gallery for three months (September 2023), we don’t have spectacular stats in the thousands to show off (yet), but we wanted to include them here to educate other practice owners on what we, as a company, focus on during the first three initial months and what’s achievable so quickly for an out-of-city practice like this one. 

Before starting the project, we conversed with The Smile Gallery at length on their own practice objectives, goals and treatment areas of focus. From this, we’ve developed a unique strategy to help the practice fulfil its goal to scale and grow within certain timeframes.

The Challenge

  • Only ranked for 10 keywords 6 months ago, none dental-related.
  • There are no keywords in the number one position.
  • Limited web page templates, which, over the course of time, will need to be removed, uncoded and replaced with easily customisable templates.
  • The previous site designers left hundreds of technical errors.
  • Metadata needed serious attention, with some stating the location three times and looking spammy.
  • Poor treatment pages with no images, links, prices or calls to action. Content required rewriting sitewide was not persuasive, rankable and full of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • The website has a poor mobile experience, with the site’s header taking up one scroll on a mobile.
ranking results smile gallery
example of dental content smile gallery


  • Beginning with local SEO pages to dominate search results for East Grinstead, Tunbridge Wells and more locations throughout Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.
  • Devising a six-month content plan to rewrite the website’s main treatment page copy to sell more cosmetic procedures, especially regarding Veneers, Implants and Invisalign. Taking it section by section – we’ve currently rewrote the top-level pages and are now working on the implant section.
  • Rewriting the site’s treatment content, including branded imagery, links, calls to action and bespoke graphics highlighting 0% dental finance.
  • Build links to new content and pages to improve rankings.
  • Redesign the website, create a new template and better market the practice’s main cosmetic treatments.

SEO Results

  • Practice now ranks for 13 dental keywords.
  • 7 keywords now ranking number one.
  • 36 are now in the top 20, with 174 in the top 50 and arriving fast.
  • Increased conversions (809 enquiry bot per month) and 120 through forms, emails, telephone and booking online.
  • The website now ranks on the first page for cosmetic treatments like “veneers in East Grinstead” and is beginning to appear in wider local searches in other surrounding counties like Tunbridge Wells.
  • Three positions higher for “dentist in East Grinstead” with a traffic volume of 880 per month.
keyword results smile gallery
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