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The Perfect Smiles 2017-Current
  •  1,821,269 unique visitors to The Perfect Smile.
  • 700+ pages of content and SEO copy.
  • All of the traffic from Google’s search.
  • 163,434 total conversions over six years.

Organic Search Traffic

(2017- Mid 2023)

Keywords Ranking

Top 3 Google Positions

Content Created

Pages and Blog Posts

Lead Generation

% increase per month
1 %
perfect smile dental website

Making the Perfect Smile famous

Six years ago, the Perfect Smile Studios was just a small, ambitious practice led by the incredible Dr Rahul Doshi in Hertford.

Today, from the website’s success, the practice has been bought, has several famous dental associates, and is a clinic patients travel to from far and wide.

More than this, the practice owner became the Director of the BACD and is now the Clinical Director of Dentex.

The Perfect Smile retaining us for over six years has paid off greatly, as it’s the largest dental practice website in the UK, producing traffic in the millions every year for relevant treatment content and resulting in conversion events in the thousands every month.

The Challenge

  1. Several different SEO companies have worked on the site unsuccessfully.
  2. Soft penalty from Google for “porcelain veneers”.
  3. The site is not generating the right quality of leads or new leads.
  4. Existing traffic from advertisements.
  5. Organic SEO: The site did not rank on the first page of Google.
  6. Local SEO: Some traction but narrow reach.
  7. Technical SEO: Poor.
  8. Web Design: Good.
ranking results perfect smile
example of dental content perfect smile


  1. Documented the business’ targets, goals and USPS.
  2. Create a strategy of where we would find new patients, what we would offer them and why they would then decide to become a patient.
  3. That strategy led to an action plan of what was required for this to happen.
  4. Deep dive into keyword research that patients would use when ready to purchase.
  5. Divided the website into dental treatment sorted by profitability.
  6. Create a content plan for each treatment with profit as a priority.
  7. Wrote 400 content pages for treatments and blogs to reach patients not ready to buy yet.
  8. Corrected all technical SEO problems.
  9. Wrote and designed a 1000-page local SEO section to increase patient reach to London, Essex and Buckinghamshire.
  10. Build external links to corroborate our claims and to improve Google rankings of our content.

SEO Results

  1. Organic search traffic is over 200,000 per year.
  2. 400+% increase in leads from the website. 
  3. Website reach is wide across the whole of the South East.
  4. A large increase in backlink numbers.
  5. Huge increase in reviews.
  6. Significant increase in Organic Revenue.
  1. Need for several new associate dentists.
  2. Many more complicated cases and referrals.
  3. Need for more room to accommodate new patient numbers.
  4. Full diaries. Increase in the number of treatments.
  5. Degree of fame for several PSS dentists.
  6. Awards won for best website (PDA).
keyword results perfect smile
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