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The Gentle Dental (Surrey) 2019-Current
  •  5 figure unique visitors pm 
  • 200+ pages of content
  • All of the traffic from Google’s organic search.
  • 300% increase in leads generated online

Organic Search Traffic

(2020 - 2023)
0 %

Keywords Ranking

Top 3 of Google for 278 keywords.

Content Created

Pages and Blog Posts

Lead Generation

% increase per month
1 %
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Taking the Gentle Dental National

Gentle Dental’s SEO journey began by ensuring the practice was there for every location within 15 miles, then further optimisation for the county and closest city.

For such a small website, we never expected our SEO copy to go as far as it did so soon. For example, the Gentle Dental now receives four-figure traffic monthly for keywords that matter and have huge amounts of traffic per month.

You can find them on the first page for “Dental Implant Costs”, “All on 4”, “All on 4 Costs”, “Missing Teeth”, “Lost Tooth,” and so much more. Resulting in traffic in the thousands to dental implant treatments every month, converting hundreds of users.

In 2023, The Gentle Dental has gone from height to height, and with implants taken care of, we’re beginning to move into Invisalign and Veneers.

The Challenge

  • The Gentle Dental’s website has invested significantly in a new design, branding, and content.
  • However, although the website looked very impressive, the site had no traffic from Google and was below all of the competition in local search.
  • Another major problem was that the content had been written by writers who knew nothing about dentistry or SEO.
  • The website developers had also posed many serious technical problems that were hampering the site’s ability to improve its SERPs.
ranking results gentle dental
example of content on webpage gentle dental


  1. Documented the business’ targets and USPS and aligned them with SEO.
  2. Create a strategy of where we were going to find new patients, what we were going to offer them and convince them to join the Gentle Dental.
  3. That strategy led to an action plan of what was required for this to happen.
  4. Identified the site’s weak or thin content.
  5. Create a content silo for each treatment with all problem content re-written and re-optimised.
  6. Wrote 200+ content pages for treatments and blogs to reach patients not ready to buy yet.
  7. Corrected all technical SEO problems, including a number of speed issues.
  8. Wrote and designed 50 50-page local SEO sections to increase patient reach across the whole of Surrey.
  9. Build external links to core hub pages.
  10. Replaced all stock images with real photos from the practice.
  11. Removed poor web development.

SEO Results

  1. Organic reach is through the roof with a 1900% increase.
  2. 300+% increase in leads from the website.
  3. Top 3 rankings for all organic SEO keywords.
  4. A large increase in revenue from organic results.
  5. Website reach is wide across the whole of the practices target area.
  6. Dominance in local SEO across London and Surrey.
  7. Improvement in Google’s 3-pack visibility.
  8. Increase in backlink numbers.
  9. Client won the prestigious award for the Best Digital Practice 2022.
keyword results gentle dental
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