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Maida Smiles Clinic 2022-Current
  • Four-figure users every month
  • 277+ treatment pages and blogs
  • 76.8% of all traffic from organic searches
  • Hundreds of new patients are registering

Organic Search Traffic

(2022- 2023)

Keywords Ranking

Top 1-20 Google Positions

Content Created

Pages and Blog Posts

Lead Generation

% increase per month
1 %
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Why Maida needed good SEO

We always talk about the dangers of buying cheap SEO, and sadly Maida Smiles has fallen victim to cheap SEO packages in the past. 

In all honesty, taking on this project proved challenging as there was a high percentage of blog/vanity traffic and very little traffic or interest in web pages promoting cosmetic treatments. With three years in business, the practice even failed to rank locally or within a radius of 10 miles.

We also started with a limited template, causing a poor mobile experience and inherited content containing spelling and grammatical errors. However, with only 20 contracted hours per month to work on the website, we still managed to increase patient numbers by 100%, a figure we sustain from month to month.

The Challenge

  • Poor website design that was limited by a pre-coded template.
  • The website contact forms were too long and not being tracked.
  • UX experience was poor, with slow loading times due to large images.
  • The practice could not be found in local searches for terms like “dentist in X.”
  • The website’s copy was full of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and even plagiarised content.
  • There were hundreds of blogs attracting vanity traffic to the site, compared to a wealth of information on their high-ticket dental treatments.
  • All dental treatment pages like Veneers, Dental Implants and Invisalign needed rewriting and optimising.
  • The website’s metadata had not been executed correctly, holding the site back considerably. 
ranking results
example of seo content


  • Strategised a content plan to rewrite the entire website, repurposing and optimising what we could.
  • The creation of several treatment sections answering patient questions related to cosmetic dentistry, including an impressive complex dental case section to secure bigger jobs.
  • Reducing vanity traffic to the site through the blog, and instead building up and increasing converting traffic.
  • Implementing new contact forms that were easier for the user to fill out and set up conversion tracking to monitor enquiries. 
  • Taking the website out of its pre-coded template and providing a basic design that still matched the clinic’s branding while improving the mobile experience for users.
  • Rewriting the metadata for hundreds of pages to include keywords, click-worthy headers, and statements to attract the target audience.
  • Create deals, offers, banners and graphics to entice users to take action.

SEO Results

  • Dominating local search rankings within a 10-mile radius of Maida Vale, including first page rankings for dental problems in Central London.
  • Getting the practice on the first page for the highly competitive keyword “emergency dentist” to drive patient numbers and upsell restorative treatments.
  • Increasing buying traffic by 122% in six months by creating more treatment pages as opposed to blogs.
  • Doubling new patient numbers from month-to-month by building the site’s general dental services up whilst we go after more competitive, national “dental implant” keywords.
  • A 295.22% increase in organic search traffic from where it was in 2019 to where it is today.
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