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Joe Oliver / Oliver Aesthetics 2020-2021
  • 48.38% increase in organic search traffic.
  • 82.99% increase in the website’s total traffic.
  • 60 hours total to rank for “cosmetic dentist London.”

Organic Search Traffic

In 6 Months

Keywords Ranking

Top 1-20 Google Positions

Content Created

Treatment Pages

Lead Generation

% increase per month
1 %
joe oliver dental website

Improving Dental Website Position with only 10 hours of SEO per month

The strategy for Joe Oliver was to build up his cosmetic dentistry section, particularly veneers, and at the same time, correct technical errors on the site and build up its authority in Google, a lot of the work involved building links to the site to help the current content go further, whilst we created new content behind the scenes.

It’s sad to say, but the Joe Oliver clinic was a prime example of a practice that was not bought into the SEO or digital marketing, which meant we parted ways in just six months. The initial six-month SEO is a process in which you cannot expect sky-rocketing results with minimal hours. Truthfully, the organic search within the first few months was rising – but not at a pace the practice wanted.

That said, we were still pleased to achieve an almost 50% jump in organic traffic and a first-page results for “cosmetic dentist London” and the national search “cosmetic dentist”. However, since we concluded work, we can see a lot of our work has been reversed, causing the practice to slip off the first page for “cosmetic dentist.” We hope to see them back again soon.

The Challenge

  1. Low domain authority and few backlinks limited how far our content could go.
  2. Lots of existing content and website copy that was not optimised or keyword-led.
  3. There were hundreds of technical errors, like no H1s and poor metadata, that needed improving to encourage CTR.
  4. Website copy was not engaging nor leading to conversions – conversions were not also being monitored or tracked in Google Analytics.
  5. No phone number, address or reviews within the copy.
  6. The client could only afford 10 hours per month of SEO work, which meant it was challenging to create content and build links in this amount of time per month to show worthy results.
  7. The website did not showcase its dental results or celebrity clients enough to show off its talent, skills and credibility.
ranking results joe oliver dental website
example of dental content joe oliver dental website


  1. Research and analyse data of where the website currently sat in Google and what keywords were closest to the money and easiest to rank for.
  2. Create a cosmetic content plan that outlines the SEO copy we planned to write month-to-month. This included rewriting the top-level veneer and cosmetic dentistry pages and creating new content around smile problems that customers would be Googling, such as “chipped teeth.”
  3. Build a series of backlinks to increase the website’s strength.
  4. Conduct 8 hours of optimisation and work through the site’s basic technical and conversion errors.

Examples of pages:

SEO Results

  1. Twenty-four links were built to the website, attaining a DA of 12. Accounting for 80% of all the website’s current links in 2023.
  2. 16 new pages were written, uploaded and ranked on the first page for smile problems like “crooked teeth.”
  3. Increase in organic search traffic by 48%.
  4. The website’s total traffic increased by 82% in six months.
  5. Produced an extra 4,000 users within six months.
  6. Over one hundred keywords ranking in the top 20.
  7. Achieved first-page national ranking for keywords like “cosmetic dentist.”
keyword results in Surrey
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