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Elite Orthodontics 2019-2020
  • Increasing the website’s total traffic by 472%.
  • Increasing backlink output by 17.43%.
  • 205% increase of referring domains.

Organic Search Traffic

In 12 Months

Keywords Ranking

Top 1-20 Google Positions

Content Created

Treatment Pages & Blogs

Lead Generation

% increase
1 %

The Challenge

  1. Website was limited by a pre-coded template preventing us from internally linking popular, valuable treatments from areas like the homepage.
  2. The little content that existed on the site had spelling and grammatical errors and failed to answer basic patient questions regarding treatment, procedure and cost.
  3. Navigation was difficult to use and understand – it was not presented clearly for a user to work through the website due to poor website design.
  4. The website is tied into a strict, templated architectural structure prevalent among many Digimax websites. For example, all products live under one section /treatment, which is not optimal for high SEO performance.
  5. No image alt tags, optimisation or internal and external linking were present.
  6. The website was slow and did not perform as well on a mobile device.
elite orthodontics website
example of content on elite orthodontics website


  • Optimised the website, auditing its health, site speed and functionality.
  • Improved the website navigation to make it clearer for users and to encourage higher CTR, so they could easily navigate the website.
  • Cleaned the CSS and improved it where necessary to make the website more readable. Improving essential areas like the header and footer.
  • Develop a content plan primarily focusing on orthodontics instead of “dentist.”
  • Improve the website’s design and the inner treatment pages, where users interact and engage the most.
  • Ensuring the website ranked for locations like London and key phrases like “orthodontist London”, of which they still hold high positions today (2023).
  • Improving the UX journey, developing USPs and marketing the practice’s orthodontic treatments better.

SEO Results

  1. Organic search increased by 24.31% and direct traffic by 46.67% in the first month.
  2. 42.04% increase in page views in the first month.
  3. 28.05% new users compared to the previous year in the second month.
  4. On average, organic search saw a 38.89% increase over three months, with 50.54% being new users.
  5. Over 12 months, the website traffic hit new monthly user records. With traffic more than doubling in the first quarter.
  6. The keyword “specialist orthodontist” climbed 11 places over 28 days.
  7. We increased the number of referral websites by 39 and built 283 new backlinks during the campaign.
  8. Increase the website DA to 17.
keyword results elite orthodontics website
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