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Calm and Gentle Dental Care 2020-2021
  • 152.97% increase in organic search traffic.
  • 2,000 additional organic users.
  • First-page positions for their chosen geographical areas.

Organic Search Traffic

In 3 Months

Keywords Ranking

Top 1-20 Google Positions

Content Created

Treatment Pages & Blogs

Lead Generation

% increase per month
1 %
calm and gentle dental website

Short SEO project that boosted clinic numbers and organic results by 152%

When we first took on the Calm and Gentle website, we created a strategy document that listed an action plan that would typically take 12 months to execute.

The strategy was to improve the current pages live on the website to form a good starting point to grow from, whilst at the same time, building an implant and cosmetic dentistry section of the website.

However, the project was cut short to three months as the client preferred to invest the marketing budget elsewhere, which meant, sadly, we were unable to execute our long-term plan, which would have seen the website go from height to height. It’s evident the client was not invested in digital marketing, and has since, let his website go unmanaged, for example, with an expired SSL certificate and dropping out of Google search results for hundreds of keywords.

That said, we are proud of the work we achieved in three months, as it helped increase the website’s organic search by 152.97%.

The Challenge

  1. Increase the practice website’s traffic to ensure a sustainable source of new patient numbers.
  2. Increase the company’s online exposure and brand identity locally.
  3. Improve the website’s content and conversion rates.
  4. Rankings were poor / the website ranked for ‘cosmetic dentist Worthing’ but little else.
  5. The home page was in urgent need of content and SEO copy.
  6. Backlink strength was very weak, and the website featured no USPs.
  7. The website had too many existing local SEO pages, which took it out of balance as it had no original content, with many live pages missing copy and content entirely.
  8. The website was well optimised for Tonbridge, but not Tunbridge Wells, which had a higher level of traffic and a bigger population.
example of dental content calm and gentle dental website
example of content on calm and gentle dental website


  1. Optimised the database and backed up the website.
  2. Removed spam comments and improved the site’s speed.
  3. Increase site health and remove unused plugs.
  4. Changed blog sidebar and introduced authors to the website.
  5. Defined the target market and listed all treatments in order of probability.
  6. Performed an initial end-to-end website audit and competitor analysis.
  7. Agreed on practice USPs and SEO strategy to gain new patients outside the local area. Plus, researching all locations within a 20-mile radius.
  8. Researching all relevant keywords, showing where the client already ranks and devising a sitemap for creating new pages.
  9. Alter the menu to prioritise core treatments in the navigation.
  10. Optimise hub pages for “core keyword” using all keyword variations/plurals.
  11. Optimize for featured snippets and improve internal linking structure.
  12. Use various anchor text and alt image linking text/ensure all metadata is correct.
  13. Ensure that a user can navigate through the entire section without visiting the top nav
  14. Create an outreach list and contact suitable recipient backlinking websites.

SEO Results

  1. Acquired a total traffic of over 2,000 in three months.
  2. Increase organic search visibility by 152%.
  3. Increase domain authority to 27.
  4. Connected the website to 205 root domains.
  5. Got the website dominating the local area of Tonbridge for all dental treatment keywords and phrases with high-volume traffic.
  6. The practice started appearing on the second page for the Tunbridge Wells area. 
  7. Ranks number one for “Tonbridge dentist.”
  8. Created a dental implant section from scratch last month, which sadly no longer appears on their website in 2023, which might explain a drop in rankings.
keyword results calm and gentle dental website
Increase patient numbers with dental SEO

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