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Al-Fa Perio Clinic 2018-2020
  • 103% increase in organic search results.
  • 72.77% increase in the dental website’s total traffic.
  • 437 secure links built to the website.

Organic Search Traffic

In 22 Months

Keywords Ranking

Top 1-20 Google Positions

Content Created

Treatment Pages

Lead Generation

% increase per month
1 %

The Challenge

See where the website started here, and where it is now.

  1. A non-modern HTML website providing little information on gum disease, services or case studies.
  2. The website focused mostly on referrals without explaining to users what service they offered, leading to a high bounce rate.
  3. There is no history of backlinks or referring websites.
  4. Low domain authority as a result.
  5. A limited number of pages or website copy – none of which focused on gum disease or treatment.
  6. The initial website was not mobile-friendly and did not focus on the user journey. It featured nothing for a user to engage with and had no call-to-actions, navigation or direction for a user to go.
al-fa perio dental website
example of content on webpageal-fa perio dental website


  1. Strategising a copy and content plan with the sole focus of targeting patients suffering from gum disease. Pages to create included copy like “causes of gum recession”, “treatment for gum disease”, and so much more. 
  2. Creating the perfect site architecture to split the website into a problem (gum disease), solution (laser dentistry) and last resort (dental implants), to not only improve Google rankings but to improve user navigation.
  3. Creating a series of Local SEO pages to help the practice rank number one in Essex for gum-related searches and phrases.
  4. Build a network of backlinks to the website to help increase its authority and ranking positions within Google.

Examples of copy created:

SEO Results

  1. Built 437 links over 22 months, increasing DA to 18. A total of 50 links within the first five months.
  2. A total of 193 referring domains are linked to the dental website.
  3. Over 100 hours of optimisation for periodontists in big city locations like London.
  4. First page rankings for periodontal treatments like “laser gum surgery.”
  5. 114 new gum diseases created targeting conditions like receding gums.
  6. Building and writing copy for a dental implant section to target a new patient base who have lost teeth because of gum disease.
  7. Getting the practice to rank number one for the competitive keywords “gum recession” and “receding gums”.
keyword results al-fa perio dental website
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