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The Company

Established in 2007, VC is a Digital Marketing company based locally in Surrey

We have dedicated over 125,200 working hours to organic search traffic. We are a professional team trusted by several household names and dental and health businesses.

Bespoke Google Traffic Strategies

Vanilla Circus Ltd

Over 16 years, we have consistently grown and adapted to ever-changing market conditions to deliver effective strategies that always lead to an upswing in conversions. 

We offer B2B, B2C and white-label digital markeringservices on a monthly basis. The majority of our clients are either dentists or health providers.

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Registered Ltd Company.

“We are a Limited company registered in England & Wales Company Number and VAT registered. We are members of Nominet and are well known in the SEO and UK domain industries.”

Vanilla Circus is also a member of Nominet and a well know domain marketer (UK). We also support the NSPCC.

Right Sized

Small enough to care

We will always be a smaller boutique search company as we believe this is how we can offer our clients the most effective and personalised service.

Here for you

Always available

We are all here from 8.00 am till 6.00 pm on weekdays. All clients are welcome to call or email at any time. 

No question is wrong or too simple, and we are delighted to be challenged.


Some Call it Magic

What’s unique about VC is that we work harder for you.

We learn about your business and want to share in your team’s successes.

It’s not just about getting to the first page of Google but making sure your website is ready to sell and convert users into customers. Call 020 8405 6418.

Vanilla Circus HQ
Track Record

Why We’re Successful

  • Easy to manage, creative team at your disposal
  • Probably the best Google ranking results of any Digital Marketing Company in London and the UK
  • List of deliverables that we fulfil month in and month out
  • Can be relied on to get on with the work with minimal management
  • If we don’t know something, we will always go and find out
  • We are constantly researching Google and the internet. Our future-proofing is based on what we would do if we were Google to make a better index and internet
  • Passionate, Loyal, trustworthy and completely dependable
  • We deliver what we promise
  • Hugely creative, constantly suggesting new ideas and concepts
  • Data-driven and results-orientated
  • White label/Vanilla service for design agencies where the client always remains yours
  • We are constantly improving standards and ultimately accountable.
  • Passionate about the digital marketing industry
  • Technical, visual and hardworking

We are results-orientated and data-driven. Our strategies are built on evidence, so we do not use any quick-win black hat techniques.


We’ve earned our clients millions of pounds in revenue

World-renowned brands, as well as SMEs, trust our Google Traffic services. We are a leading specialist in search marketing and conversions because we see the results daily.

Every year we sell millions and millions of pounds of services and products. 

Our work dominates the medical, dental, construction, advertising, broadcasting and finance sectors – don’t believe us? 

We have a long list of happy clients who can attest to our success – one of the advantages of choosing a boutique company like ours.

We work hard for every client, no matter how many hours they take with us.

VC has worked hard to earn a reputation for delivering tangible results and excellent client communication – together; we can do anything!

Want to be successful and dominate your industry? As media habits have changed and digital channels dominate attention, the most successful businesses are the ones who develop digital as a core part of their strategy and activity.

VC’s future-proofed site optimisation is more affordable and profitable than PPC

What will we do?

  1. Our mission will help you measure, understand, and maximise your business’s digital potential.
  2. We think creatively and plan effectively to attract the local market and a wider nationwide audience. We are the ideas and the grunt work.
  3. Constantly and consistently monitor your data (analytics and rankings) to develop content plans and strategies to increase sales and improve Google rankings.
  4. Our expert team of content creators, managers, authors and online marketers will help you get more out of digital marketing than you ever have before.
  5. Take care of your website and make sure that it runs efficiently.
  6. Take your business from the back pages of Google to the first page.

Call 020 8405 6418 for more information.

It’s not luck or by chance that you get to rank number one; we can make this happen through analysis, content creation, and optimisation. We have achieved this for some of the most competitive keywords.

One thing you can trust with us is that our technical team is second-to-none and is backed up by a highly-trained content team who know just what to do to make your business number one.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry. Our services are priced as packages of set hours, where every month, we will work towards the target and goals of your choice. In addition, we signed a Non Disclosure Agreement with all clients, so your confidentiality is assured. Prices start from £1950.00 +vat per month.

Get me to #1. Can you afford not to?

Vanilla Circus is also a member of Nominet and a well know domain market trader (UK).