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Trust is built with consistency.

Why we do what we do
  • We believe that the internet is pure and precious and needs to be protected from poor or incorrect information or bad actors.
Since 2007

Why you can trust Vanilla Circus

  1. We invest 100s of man hours and £1000s in researching Google and its algorithmic scoring. 
  2. We have a team of 6 that have over 100 years of digital marketing experience working with household names and one-man bands.
  3. Every team member has monthly training to improve their literacy, computer literacy (code) or marketing skills.
  4. Out team rarely leave Vanilla Circus, giving our clients continuity.
  5. We will always continue working in the background regardless of client availability.
  6. We see it as our role to constantly seek and suggest new ways to improve our client’s bottom line.
  7. We welcome all client ideas and thoughts but if we do not agree then we say so.
  8. Every month we report on everything we have done for a client online in the most mimisal of details. 
  9. CLient hours are always filled and it most cases exceeded.
  10. We never charge clients more that we have quoted ever.

Someone is always available to meet new clients.

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