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Website Marketing or Internet Marketing are all-inclusive term for marketing products and / or services online – and like many all-inclusive terms, Internet marketing means different things to different people.

Essentially, though, Internet marketing refers to the strategies that are used to market a product or service online, marketing strategies that include search engine optimization and search engine submission, copy writing that encourages site Internet Traffic: Online marketers are constantly devising new Internet marketing strategies in the hopes of driving more web trafficvisitors to take action, web site design strategies, online promotions, reciprocal linking, and email marketing – and that’s just hitting the highlights.

Internet Traffic: Online marketers are constantly devising new Internet marketing strategies in the hopes of driving more web traffic to their clients websites and making more sales; witness the increasing use of blogs as marketing tools for business, for instance.

Our skills in identifying key sites for products, POS, CRM, and understanding geo-demographics & translating research, means that we can put ourselves into the shoes of the people we wish to communicate with and ensure that our marketing strategy is on target. See Geo Targeted Search.



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VC Advantages

An advantage of using a creative SEO agency like Vanilla Circus is that we are expert at harnessing the creative to the technical.

We are a professional digital media company with 13 years of online experience that your business can use to increase your website's traffic.

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VC Spirit

VC see the internet as a global revolution in how people interact and do business. We study how people make buying decisions, what information is required and how people interact digitally.

We see the internet as an immense source of information, that needs to be understood, nurtured, developed & protected whilst still making money for our clients


How we work

White hat, black hat... there are no ethical decisions to be made at VC. We are constantly pushing the barriers of search engine optimisation using our honed instinct of what is correct and what will not work.

Our client's core metric is sales and we have this at the forefront of our minds when making very website update or sentence written.


Company Identity

VC are unpaid search specialist that respect the internet. We see being online as an opportunity for companies to earn traffic from anywhere in the world.

We are open to all ideas that can attract users to our clients' websites; that can include content optimisation, video, social media; any concept that is workable, measurable and successful in generating revenue.


Creative Environment

Creative Environment....

'Vanilla' is for our enthusiasm & belief that all ideas have merit. 'Circus' is because we enjoy the constantly changing 'show' that is organic search / Google.

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With the focus on generating traffic and revenue for clients Benedict is continuing to enjoy SEO success in a crowded market. 4.5 out of 5 based on 59 reviews