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April 30, 2018

While social media and web PR, can all play a part in a client's overall traffic strategy, the major player, the major source of buying traffic is still

What SEO is not

Paid traffic would consist of the right-hand side of the Google search page, sponsored links, affiliate programs, and other advertising vehicles.

VC are an organic search agency, we do not undertake Adwords campaigns.

What SEO is

Disruptive digital marketing: regardless of what a customer/user searches for, regardless of what location, keyword or search phrase variations typed into Google, one of our client's web pages appear ranked highly on page one in organic search.

Process Overview

Process: optimisation is defined as restructuring and rewriting a website in both a logical and reasonable fashion that Google understands and rewards with a high page position.

On optimisation page

  1. Research core  keywords with high volume
  2. Divide keywords into core, supporting, location etc.
  3. Show where client currently ranks for keywords
  4. Make suggestions for ‘missing pages’
  5. Optimise hub page for “core keyword” using all keywords variations
  6. Write content for hub page if required describing the different keyword options
  7. Link the hub page to  all other  related web pages
  8. Work within the site optimising the content and images and linking back to hub page
  9. Include internal links to other related non target keyword pages where appropriate
  10. Use a variety of anchor text and alt image linking text / Ensure all meta data is correct
  11. Ensure that a user can navigate through the entire section without visiting the top navigation
  12. Proof and make live / Document all changes

The result is that the client story (read products or services) is correctly translated into a format, that a computer can accurately understand and index highly within a data set. Back to top.

See off page optimsation.defining SEO and advanced optimisation metrics

To our clients their SEO results often seem like magic

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" [Arthur C Clarke]

However it is not.

What it is the correct balance of both SEO research, analytical data, common sense, creative flair and coding. This creates an exact balance of code and language to achieve a number one position in Google and improves conversion rates as we have in essence simply created a better website.

This is available for any website regardless of age, size or number of backlinks and is available quickly.

Back to top.

How do we achieve this?

There is no need to reinvent the wheel.There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Regardless of the latest relevancy Google updates and other SEO trends, all of the answers are in the websites that currently hold the top five position within a Google search for a client's core keywords set.

These websites are the key to understanding exactly what is required to gain the top position.

First we establish keywords.

Then one of the most important parts of the beginning any SEO campaign is to understand the exact make up of both code, words and use of language and external factors such as back links and social media metrics of these leading websites.

Using this data we can begin to create a plan to narrow the balance of missing metrics between our client's website and those that already hold the top position.

Perhaps you've read a number of free SEO reports that scan your website for missing code and data mark up.

These SEO reports will give an indication of possibly what is missing. However they are misleading out of date.

Back to top.

Focus on the user and all else will follow

All of these markups, think H1, H2, putting keywords in bold etc. are only imitation of how an expert website might code their data or content is a poor substitute of the real thing. Read how technical SEO audits are misleading.

What we encourage our clients to do is to forget about keywords, to forget about optimisation and to look to deliver the very best in product and service offering.

We encourage them to use their vast experience and knowledge of their products to create a website that gives both information and advice while selling.

We can take care of the Google translation, i.e. optimising and linking the site together in such a way that Google understands and awards our efforts with large amounts organic search traffic. Back to top.

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Google of course is forever changing. Its algorithm undergoes changes & improvements on a monthly basis.

VC have experience of writing our own algorithm for our own search engine.

Just like Google VC sought to constantly prove on this is so that our data set provide more accurate relevant information to our search users.

What this experience gave us with insights to how we would further improve our algorithm and possibly how Google would also seek to make future changes.

We further learnt that a number of SEO myths are simply untrue as the amount of processing power and data storage required would be too great.

We also learnt that MOZ as a backlinking score metric was hopelessly out of date as it indexing rate so slow and its scoring mechanism incorrect.

This was loosely confirmed when we stumbled upon the founder in his website when studying the use of antonyms in SEO.

It is interesting that MOZ is being used by all of the largest SEO agencies are a true metric of backlink strength.

This is merely the beginning of a combination of client and VC brainstorming practice, which will include us testing the effectiveness of literally hundreds of keywords. Back to top.


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