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Vanilla Circus publishes over 4200 thousand websites in the UK. These websites, which we refer to as the network, attract over 11 million users per annum. We publish accounting, financial and legal websites alongside a  large number of websites covering every possible subject.

Due to the sheer volume of traffic  (YOU will of been on one of our websites in the last two years) and the sheer numbers of websites we create, the result is a rich resource for enquiries, lead generation.

The company designs and develops and writes many thousands of pages a week, a cross over 30 new domains. We have over 200 new online lead generation ideas in the pipeline at any one time!

Leads that convert into clients

We sell these leads. For example we have a website about visas to China.

Due to the sheer volume of enquiries and sales for a "Visa to China service", this site and all its traffic/enquiries was sold on a monthly retainer, on a rolling three-month contract.

The system works best when we have an arrangement, with example a single insurance broker, to take all of the leads we generate.

At the end of the month we invoiced the number of leads we have sent a client, refund any leads which the client deemed is not acceptable, at the client to any new websites on topic/industry.

It works very well. Clients are free to recommend changes/new content, to further enhance the quality of the leads they are purchasing.

It is partnership between Vanilla Vircus and the client. The leads are not sold elsewhere, they are not sold on. Clients who purchase leads currently have been working with Vanilla Circus over three years.

If this is of interest please call 020 8405 6418 or email VC and we will tell you how we can proceed. There is no hard sell and if we cannot help we say so immediately.

We offer a month's free trial for all new clients before they commit to any form of contract.



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We are always here. We enjoy hearing about new project and solving issues. Call 020 8405 6419. If we can't help we will say so and maybe point you in the right direction.

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