Content Strategies Element 7

7. Optimisation, content positioning and interlinking

Once the content is written, the language and correct keywords and substitutions in place, the CTAs and clickable titles added then the content is ready to be added to the website. Click here to read about positioning content.

In practice what this means is which keyphrase or keyword group is this content supporting.

If so what internal links to which hub need to be created. How are we going to use imagery or video to support the strength of our content? See SEO.

How are we going to use code think HTML, to further support what we are talking about and how this page is supporting our hub page (think core service page).

From content writer to content optimisation

To talk about writing optimised content, or content for SEO is to offer only half the overall task. This means that the webpage is taken from the content writer and given to the SEO consultant.

They look through the content and the use of code and ensure that both correlate with the overall targets of a high Google ranking for a particular keyword.

They look at how the content logically fits into the overall architecture of the website. It is impossible to optimise content fully without a knowledge of code and the website as an entirety.

This is the most important part of the process of adding content to a website and it is often the reason why websites that add large quantities of content often fall in the rankings

We invariably do this in batches of five or 10 pages, where it is clear hub pages into link to each other with all roads leading to Rome i.e. the supported keyword group or hub page.

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8. Channels: Social media and backlinking

Multi Formats

What format should your content appearance? The majority websites HTML look at they be supported with other formats i.e. PDF.

Would be an idea to have downloadable brochures or downloadable printable pages. Google clearly states and shows the duplicate or very same content displayed in other formats such as PDF, Word document, XL except are counted as additional pages.

Could these format be used to quickly double the size of the website, create more pages that are searchable and findable within Google index, be downloadable, subscribe to, or emailed in paper format for customers to print and consider.

Additional formats to consider is whether or not the content would translate easily into video or simply sound. See social media backlinking.

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