VC Content marketing and social media: repositioning content, increased brand awareness thanks to increased organic visibility.

Social media plays a secondary role in VC content Strategies

Part of the process of creating content is to add new content to social media.

It is not a case of copy and paste but a careful process of summaries and excerpts, repositioning content already create on site.

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What does that mean

When we create a new section of a client's website we religiously use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, You Tube and Instgram to publicise that this content is new and worth reading.

The reasons for this are threefold.

  1. To help the content get indexed as fast as possible
  2. To create the semblance of a backlink profile for the new pages
  3. To attract any floating social media traffic that might buy a client's product or service
  4. To create as many versions of a piece of content to maximise on ROI.

The intention is not to try and create a viral or surge in Social media traffic.

We have wasted valuable time an effort doing this in the past and the resulting traffic has all been the NON buying type. Whilst it looked good on the stats front it did not look good on a revenue side.

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