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Some traffic is worth having and some website traffic is just a waste of broadband. For example, a client who was receiving a large amount of traffic for having an image called 'spanner' which was ranked highly under Google images.

Although flattering that so many users over the world would prefer our spanner image, the traffic was useless from a commercial point of view

"Traffic is for vanity, web sales are for sanity"

At the end of the day traffic equals enquiries, and enquiries leads to sales and return on your website marketing investment (ROI).

Global Intranet

As a single website cannot be all things to all men (or search engines), a solution for generating more web traffic is to create a new website for each of a company's product or service offering.

We refer to this as a 'Global Intranet' A Global Intranet is a collection of websites, all client branded, that use separate keywords to attract traffic and hence sales. Traffic is funnelled into the client's key website.

Often, it is attractive to have seamless browsing, with users going from one website to another, without realising a change in url. Other times it is suitable to create portals or information websites on a subject industry specific.

The concept of Global Intranets is seldom used by Digital Analysists as it requires a number of technologies to be in place

What are Global Intranets?

A Global Intranet is a network of websites that are all supporting a client's core website as opposed to a local intranet which is a collection of connected computers. Global Intranet websites act to funnels traffic. There is an art this. Creating micro sites is not new. However, creating a micro-site that receives no traffic, or is poorly written or designed can only fail. Most private blog networks or PBNs fail because there is too little thought to domain choice or content. Backlink theme is ignored and quantity takes over from quality.

At Vanilla Circus not only can we create well-designed and informative websites, we can ensure that these sites enjoying the necessary links strength needed to rank on the first page of Google.

Vanilla Circus has access to over 400,000 UK domains which are expiring in the next year. This is a colossal list of domains that covers every possible subject topic and industry. Within that list of some of your competitors may have fallen on hard times, been purchased or had a brand name change.

Also on the lists are bloggers who've spent possibly the last 10 years commenting on changes in your industry, old web directories that listed your business; there is literally a treasure trove of perfect backlinking the domains just waiting for a company with the right resources to profit from such a windfall.

Of course there is an art to choosing the right domains from the many thousands available and then to have the infrastructure that can design and build the site, write the content and host the domain in 24 hours for a cost just under ?50. Fortunately at Vanilla Circus we have our own in house domain expert.

We have found that a global intranet is always full of surprises, especially when long tail keywords, which no one would've imagined, begin to convert.

Another colossal advantage of global Intranets is that they form a solid foundation for a client core website. The Internet is not going anywhere and the companies Internet presence can only become stronger, the older and more established the supporting websites become. They are also very effective in link building strategies as the domains are always relevant and separate from the client's key site.

As it is impossible for one website to be all keywords to all search engines, global Intranet sites help generate traffic by acting in disruptive manner (see disruptive marketing).

Where do you get the domains from, how do you know which domains to develop?

In 2010 VC developed our own spider VC1.0 ( we are now on VC9.4) or bot that can be task to find available UK domains. For example, if we had an interior design client, we would dispatch the robot out into the internet to scrap every interior design website and record every UK domain.

We would then use that list to determine which domains to register and build. Exactly which domains are built and which websites are built is a skill VC has developed since registering our first domain in 2001. The exact criteria Vanilla Circus uses is not for available for publication.

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