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Believe nothing that we say until we can prove it to you.

VC create large amounts of traffic through translating a client's information into a digital format that Google ranks highly in its index simple.

Vanilla Circus Ltd are an SEO Agency that generated over 14,200,000 unique visitors for our clients websites (Jan 2013- Jan 2014) through unpaid search. We only offer Organic Search, no ppc or paid search, nor do we overly advocate Social Media. We go to where the converting traffic is. Not only do we drive traffic, but we analyse and improve on conversion optimisation through advanced Google Analytics interpretation..

Best of Breed: VC is known as one of the most progressive SEO companies in the UK. Through our technology and insight, we offer long term, high volume web traffic solutions for UK businesses that are both industrial in scale and future-proof..

Trust: We ask our clients not to believe anything we say until we can prove it. As we research 'search' we have arrived at our SEO conclusions. From building our own search engine to re-writing Google;s algorithm half of all the work we do is testing. monitoring and improving on search solutions for our clients.

Established: We have the techniques and resources which are simply not available to the average SEO Company. We have been in business for 11 years.

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What are you looking for right now?

World Wide Web

An SEO expert to plan your digital strategy?

Spend an hour with an SEO Consultant? Contact VC on 020 8879 3340 now and speak to a consultant, let yourself be the judge on whether VC is right for your business.

Want a free hour? Telephone 020 8879 3340. You will find our ideas both unique and workable

A Consultant will walk you through your website's SEO advantages and disadvantages and offer any advice and possible improvements.


A new SEO Company?

VC encompasses all Web Marketing services, on and off page including:

  • Strategy
  • Content creation
  • Web design
  • SEO / User optimisation
  • Analysis and reporting

VC become responsible for the success of your web marketing

The buck stops firmly with Vanilla Circus

All of our contracts are for three months. We are very aware that we have to deliver in the short term as well as long term.


SEO assistance to complement your in house team?

An online marketing department if you don't have one, additional SEO expertise if you do.

An outsourced SEO partner you can rely on to be constantly working in the background to compliment your in house work

VC can become your outsourced SEO partner offering web marketing Consultancy backed up by an effective link building strategy.


We prefer the phone to email, if we do not think we can help you then we will say immediately.

Who are VC?

VC Spirit ....

VC see the internet as a global revolution in how people interact and do business. We study how people make buying decisions, what information is required and how people interact digitally.

We see the internet as an immense source of information, that needs to be indexed, nurtured, developed and protected.

How we work....

White hat, black hat... there are no ethical decisions to be made at VC. We are constantly pushing the barriers of search engine optimisation using our honed instinct of what is correct and what will not work.


Our client's core metric is sales and we have this at the forefront of our minds when making very website update or sentence written.

Company Identity ....

VC are unpaid search specialist that respect the internet. We see being online as an opportunity for companies to earn traffic from anywhere in the world.

We are open to all ideas that can attract users to our clients' websites; that can include content optimisation, video, social media; any concept that is workable, measurable and successful in generating revenue.


'Vanilla' is for our enthusiasm & belief that all ideas have merit. 'Circus' is because we are constantly having fun researching and challenging current SEO beliefs.

Values and Beliefs ....

Values and Beliefs
We believe that if we create the very best websites we can, traffic and sales will follow. The black art of SEO has no place at VC. We value correct technical processes that yield client revenue targets.

Capabilities & Skills

VC are highly capable in all areas of search. We are designers, web developers, content writers, link builders, we have the skills to harness technology to search successfully, creating environments where users find the exact information they need to make a purchase.


Customers have scored Vanilla Circus Ltd (UK) on average 10.8 / 294 reviews.